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My Core Intentions Wishes You A Happy New Year! My Core Intentions had a great 2020. That is, not without setbacks. However, setbacks are necessary


Episode 34

Michael Morawski is a 30 plus year real estate investment veteran. He has controlled over $285,000,000 in real estate transactions. Mike is an entrepreneur, author, real estate trainer, public speaker, and personal coach, with strong personal resilience and a deep desire to help others live an extraordinary life. He has coached hundreds of real estate investors to fulfill their dreams.

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We Have Exciting News! First, on behalf of My Core Intentions (MCI), I would like to thank everyone who has viewed, shared, and participated in


Episode 33

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #33 Guest: Megan Hillis Megan Hillis is a multifamily investor who co-founded The Brem Group which focuses on purchasing value-add communities

Landlords face uncertainty

Landlords are dealing with growing uncertainty.   I don’t think it is the big operator that is or needs to be concerned, I think it is

Episode 35

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #35 Guest: Brian Briscoe Brian Briscoe is cofounder of the multifamily investing firm Four Oaks Capital, which currently controls 250 units

Episode 32

Insider Secrets PodcastEpisode #32Featuring Guest: Brad Roth Subscribe to Insider Secrets on your favorite podcast app: In this article Vidcast Shownotes Guest Biography Timeline Transcript

Episode 31

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #31 Guest: Lindsay Preston Lindsay Preston Friedman began her career in technology when she founded and built WritingRoom dot com in

What people have to say…

People have obtained so much knowledge on “how-to,” and you can too! During our Mastermind series, we are going over so much valuable information to

Why Choose Real Estate as a Career?

Real estate is one of those industries that’s always changing. For some people that might be a dealbreaker, some people search for consistency in the