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Love at First Sight

Do not fall in love with any property. Any new courtship or sexy piece of investment real estate at first glance distorts one’s judgement. Passion tends to distort judgment.

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Planning Your Exit

The deeper I progress in the planning process the more I want to know. I continually ask questions that will determine a direction to develop specific results. I learned from the world-famous motivational speaker and coach Anthony Robbins.

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Mike Morawski Multi-Family bootcamp coach

Net Operating Income

Net Operating income (NOI) is calculated by annual effective income less annual operational expenses. Using properties offering memorandum (OM) that reflects an original NOI of $1,272,713. The current NOI could be improved.

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What is Your Story?

My passion for real estate started one summer on a family vacation. I sat on the side of a swimming pool with my dad and asked him, “why are there so many rooms in the hotel and all the people there?”

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Episode 100 guest David Meltzer

Insider Secrets Podcast 100 with David Meltzer

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #100
About Our Guest: David Meltzer is the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh (“Lee”) Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire.

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Episode 98 guest Doug McCarty

Insider Secrets Podcast 98 with Doug McCarty

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #98
Featuring: DOUG McCARTY
About Our Guest: President – Stong Investments Inc. An STR luxury rental company.
President – DM Claims services, Your complete damage adjusting firm.
Owner/President – Be the best you. Personal and business Advisement.

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Episode 97 guest Kathy Fettke

Insider Secrets Podcast 97 with Kathy Fettke

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #97
About Our Guest: With a passion for researching real estate market cycles and economics, Kathy is a frequent guest expert on CNN, BNN, CNBC, Fox News, NPR, CBS MarketWatch, and The Wall Street Journal. She also hosts The Real Wealth Show, a featured podcast on iTunes and Stitcher with listeners in 133 different countries.

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Episode 96 guest Jeff Wickersham

Insider Secrets Podcast 96 with Jeff Wickersham

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #96
About Our Guest: Jeff is a #1 Best Selling Author of Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat – Ignite Your Morning Fire, a top 200 Podcast host with “Morning Fire for Entrepreneurs”, speaks at events, is a Tony Robbin’s award winner, and lives by the mantra Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat!

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Episode 95 guest Michael Mikhail

Insider Secrets Podcast 95 with Michael Mikhail

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #95
About Our Guest: “Michael Mikhail is the Founder and CEO of Stratton Equities, the nation’s leading hard money and NON-QM lender to national real estate investors, with the largest variety of mortgage loans and programs under one roof.

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Episode 90 guest Joel Block

Insider Secrets Podcast 90 Joel Block

Insider secrets Podcast Episode #90
Featuring: JOEL BLOCK
About Our Guest: Joel is CEO of the Bullseye Capital Fund, a fund that rehabilitates distressed assets. Joel is CEO of the Bullseye Capital Fund, a fund that rehabilitates distressed assets. Joel has taught thousands of real estate brokers, CPAs, attorneys, and Investors about raising capital and best practices for structuring group investments.

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Episode 88 guest Paul Moore

Insider Secrets Podcast 88 with Paul Moore

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #88
Featuring: PAUL MOORE
About Our Guest: After a stint at Ford Motor Company, Paul co-founded a staffing firm where he was finalist for Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year. After selling to a publicly traded firm, Paul began investing in real estate.

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Episode 87 guest Lauren Brychell

Insider Secrets Podcast 87 with Lauren Brychell

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #87
About Our guest: Lauren Brychell is the Investor Relations Associate for Spartan Investment Group, LLC. In this role, Lauren brings her skills in marketing and project management to assist the team with investor facing collateral, communications, capital raise projects, and investor education.

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Episode 86 guest Mark Savant

Insider Secrets Podcast 86 with Mark Savant

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #86
Featuring: MARK SAVANT
About Our Guest: Mark Savant is a digital media expert and social media agency owner. He helps people create better content in less time. Mark focuses on the power of video collaborations to help clients create constant social media presences in less than 1 hour a week.

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Episode 85 guest Mike Wolf

Insider Secrets Podcast 85 with Mike Wolf

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #85
Featuring: MIKE WOLF
About Our Guest: Mike Wolf is a self made freedom lifestyle entrepreneur, seasoned investor, and international speaker. He has been investing in real estate for almost 30 years and has been involved in several other entrepreneurial ventures.

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Episode 84 guest Brock Mogensen

Insider Secrets Podcast 84 with Brock Mogensen

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #84
About Our Guest: Brock Mogensen has been investing in real estate for over three years. He lives and invests in the Milwaukee, WI market. He holds a masters in Information Systems and comes from an analytical background.

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Episode 83 guest Agostino Pintus

Insider Secrets Podcast 83 with Agostino Pintus

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #83
About Our Guest: Agostino Pintus is a multifamily investor, syndicator, and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in real estate. He currently oversees strategic partnerships, capital development, and platform development for Realty Dynamics Equity Partners, an investment firm specializing in multifamily acquisition and asset management services.

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Episode 82 guest Daniel Blue

Insider Secrets Podcast 82 with Daniel Blue

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #82
Featuring: DANIEL BLUE
About Our Guest: Daniel is the President of Quest Education, a company that helps entrepreneurs obtain capital for their companies, pay off high-interest debt and use self-directed retirement accounts to invest in alternative assets.

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Episode 81 guest Charlotte Dunford

Insider Secrets Podcast 81 with Charlotte Dunford

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #81
Charlotte is the Managing Partner of Johns Creek Capital – an investment managing company that focuses on mobile home park investments. Numbers wise, they currently have 20 park investments, with a total investor subscription amount over $3.9M.

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Episode 80 guest Mark Dolfini

Insider Secrets Podcast 80 with Mark Dolfini

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #80
About Our Guest: Mark Dolfini is a veteran of the U.S. Marines and the author of three real estate books. Most notably, The Judge: A Landlord’s Tale, released in the summer of 2018. His much-anticipated 3rd book, The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0, was recently released in January, 2019, which teaches the exclusive VIP Method of how to create a real estate business focused on Life-Output.

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Episode 79 guest Joe Delagrave

Insider Secrets Podcast 79 with Joe Delagrave

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #79
About Our Guest: Joe Delagrave is a husband, father, elite athlete, and keynote speaker. Whether he is on the court, speaking to audiences, raising his kids, or spending time with his wife, Joe aims to live life with faith, authenticity, and passionate purpose.

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