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Multi-Family Global Summit

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Multi-Family Global Summit

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Multi-Family Global Summit

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Multi-Family Global Summit

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Multi-Family Global Summit Presents:

Forrest Corral Meet Forrest Corral our expert speaker and CIO of Praxis Capital’s Multifamily platform. With over 20 years of experience in real estate, Forrest

Multi-Family Global Summit

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Multi-Family Global Summit

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Muti-Family Unplugged

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Multi-Family Global Summit

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Multi-Family Global Summit

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Multi-Family Real Estate

Insider Secrets with Dugan Kelley Mike Morawski interviews Dugan Kelley who is a speaker at the October 2020 Multi-Family Global Summit. Dugan Kelley co-founded Kelley Clarke,

Multi-Family Global Summit

Meet Danny Borrero Meet Danny Borrero, our expert speaker from USA Land Ventures. Daniel has become one of the industry’s leaders in negotiation skills while

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