We offer one-day intensives where you can go deep on the topics that matter most to you.

My Core Intentions will be hosting 4 one-day Bootcamps in 2021. Here is the schedule and a brief overview of each event. Register today!


March 4 – My Core Intentions  Bootcamp – it’s free and that is super exciting.

April 22 – Understanding Multi-Family Bootcamp

June 24- Multi-Family Acquisition Bootcamp

August 26- Property Management Bootcamp


Understanding Multi-family Bootcamp & Price

Understanding Multi-Family Bootcamp will be an awesome and foundational day of getting to know multi-family real estate opportunities and strategy.

If you are a new investor or would like to get into real estate, this is for you. Mike will be teaching some strategies that aren’t found elsewhere. 

Multi-Family Acquisition Bootcamp

Now that you have the basic understanding of Multi-Family real estate and have your exit plan strategy in place, it’s time to get busy investing in Multi-Family. Learn about strategies of why Multi-Family real estate is far superior to single-family home investing 

Property Management Bootcamp

Once you own properties or are ready to purchase them it’s high time to learn about property management. How will you handle the day to day operations of owning and operating a Multi-Family property?

What if you already own multiple properties, or you are a property manager in need of some advice and direction? Today is focused on you.

Join people

Now that you have become aware of the upcoming Bootcamps, the decision is yours. do nothing and leave this webpage with the status quo, or invest in yourself, sign up now, and commit to being involved. The decision alone will empower your brain to take massive action and help propel you forward. 

We look forward to seeing you at the event and know it will be a great and impactful day. We accept everyone of all backgrounds and situations and look forward to bonding and networking with you during the Bootcamp because we care about your future.