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Investing in Multi-Family apartments has historically been an insider’s game.  It was considered a small niche space leaving all the best deals to the insiders and big players in the industry.  Over the last several years the playing field has been changing.  My Core Intentions has positioned itself to deliver the best-kept secrets for Multi-Family investing to you ever revealed.  These secrets will unlock a world of apartment ownership and operations you have always wanted to explore. 

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Evaluating Properties

There are many steps and the processes can be cumbersome to a completed due-diligence package.  My Core Intentions due-diligence team will take the speculation out of your acquisition.  Our evaluation team offers two choices for you.

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Premium Coaching

Discover the fastest way to unleash your passion and grow your real estate investing business.  Join the leading premiere multi-family coaching program.  Our average coaching client locates and closes more off-market deals using our cutting-edge strategies. 

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We have lot of resources to offer, including the books that our founder, Mike Morawski has written. His book “Exit Strategies” serves as a great and valuable guide.

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Mike's knowledge of residential Multi-Family Homes has been a huge advantage to me as an investor.
Simone G
I truly enjoyed working with Mike and his team and have come to know them as such a valuable asset to me.
Jeff H
Home Owner

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