Nationally, summer remains the peak leasing season in multifamily housing. However, data from across more than 4,000 locations managed by G5 suggests that not all markets peak simultaneously –nor do they last the same length of time. Watch the economic drivers as well as your own personal data. These indicators may mean leasing season can change from year-to-year. Analyze KPIs across statistical areas New leads to the properties website, employment numbers in your market and actual visits to the property.

A more defined interest in an apartment often is considered the education phase. This is when
renters are actively researching. Website sessions also occur during the research phase,
but the traffic is better qualified signaling an active interest.

Conversions, the final KPI we reference, uses an advanced model to quantify which mark the most form fills, phone calls, tours, or leases and results during a given time period. Whereas
most KPIs represent volume or static conversion rates.

Knowing your numbers allows you to know where ans which adjustments to make. Looking for guidance in structuring your reports call My Core Intentions today.