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We are ecstatic to announce that Exit Plan has been a dream come true! Between digital downloads and physical copy, Exit Plan has sold over 100 copies in just a few months. We could not be happier with this accomplishment in 2020.

Exit Plan is a guide on strategic Multi-Family real estate planning. It focuses primarily on how to plan for a successful outcome by including the exit plan from the very beginning. All of this is accomplished using real-life examples! Mike Morawski goes over risks and learning lessons that every real estate investor experiences. For example, he takes a deep dive into principles, business building, and acquisition to operations. As a result, Exit Plan prepares an investor, of all levels, how to maximize deal profits while minimizing losses.

If you have not obtained your copy, you can purchase an instant download or order your physical copy at My Core Intentions. This is the perfect book for yourself, a newcomer to the real estate industry who is thinking of investing in properties, specifically multi-family real estate. With over 30 years of experience in real estate investing in multi-family, Mike Morawski released his book to share how to develop, execute, and plan for every real estate transaction. Exit Plan makes for the perfect gift!

In conclusion, we want to thank all of our followers and network for buying Exit Plan, liking and sharing our posts.

If you have any questions on the book, deals, strategies, or simply want to catch up with Mike, reach out via email at info@mycoreintentions.com or call (312) 600-8007.

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