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  • Insider Secrets 71 with Andrew Stotz
    Standout Quotes: "If you really want to rise up spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, whatever it is, you've got to take some pains” - [Andrew] "The lesson is that we can make it through any situation, as long as we have our foundation" - [Andrew] "I didn't want to be just an average Joe going to […]
  • Insider Secrets 70 with Bryan Shaffer
    Standout Quotes: “You go through the industry, you do lots of different things and you learn what you're good at and what you're not good at” - [Bryan] “You really have to focus in and figure out where you're at in the process when you're ready to close” - [Bryan] “In 2005 we finished up, […]
  • Insider Secrets 69 with Kent Ritter
    Standout Quotes: "My mantra for 2021 is to just be very intentional with my time and my decision making” - [Kent] "I wanted to actively syndicate somewhere down the road, but I was self-aware enough to know there's a lot that I didn't know" - [Kent] "There's a lot of asset price inflation. We're seeing […]
  • Insider Secrets 68 with Gary Lipsky
    Standout Quotes: "Don't have too much pride that you need to know everything” - [Gary] "We like to give ourselves margin for error so we can also have that flexibility to pivot our business plan if need be" - [Gary] "We're constantly massaging our numbers and seeing, where might we spend more money?"- [Gary] “There's […]
  • Insider Secrets 67 with Matt Teifke
    Standout Quotes: "I feel like I have something to share with others and it just drives me to keep pushing forward” - [Matt] "When I see people that have every excuse in the book and they continuously build and grow and create assets and net worth, it fires me up that it truly is possible" […]
  • Insider Secrets 66 with Seth Williams
    Standout Quotes: "I'm always trying to positively influence other people in my life, whether it's employees, my personal relationships, family” - [Seth] "What I have really just found about acting ethically is that it results in a better outcome, whether you're in the workplace, trying to ensure that you have employees that are acting ethically" […]
  • Insider Secrets 65 with Michael Ciorrocco
    Standout Quotes: "I turn setbacks into rocket fuel and I teach others how to do that” - [Michael] " people are going to try to pull you back down by talking you out of what you believe in and talking you out of your mission, you need to stick to your guns " - [Michael] […]
  • Insider Secrets 64 with Bronson Hill
    Standout Quotes: "You can't do everything. So you have to really limit what you're able to do and focus" - [Bronson] "Multifamily is a team sport, you can't do it yourself. You can't do everything. If you try to do everything, you're going to be stuck" - [Bronson] "If you're willing to learn, amazing things […]
  • Insider Secrets 63 with Dan Kryzanowski
    Standout Quotes: "I want to make sure that everybody has the opportunity and the know-how that they can access what is theirs to invest in what they want or to provide for their community " - [Dan] "When you leave your business's core intention, your core mission, you really leave yourself out there" - [Dan] […]
  • Insider Secrets 62 with Jennifer Grimson
    Standout Quotes:   "Not all bankruptcies are the same. It's on your record for 10 years and you're not allowed to have a credit card" - [Jennifer]   "Your credit can always be fixed, there's things that you can do. Find out what needs to be done." - [Mike]   "I may have been naive […]