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  • Todd Heitner - Optimizing Capital Raising: Mindset, Automation, and Communication
    Key Takeaways Mindset Matters: How you think about capital raising can significantly impact your success. Focusing on the positive aspects and opportunities can make the process easier and more fruitful. Importance of Follow-Up: A key reason for losing potential investors is the lack of follow-up. Having a mapped-out process ensures that you stay in touch […]
  • Gib Irons - Capital Raising and Trial Law
    Key Takeaways Success isn't about being the smartest or most talented in the room; it's about the relentless determination to overcome any obstacle in your path. Remember, it's never too late to pivot towards your dreams and find success in uncharted territories. In the journey to success, never underestimate the power of forging connections with […]
  • Gino Barbaro - Navigating Market Cycles and Creative Financing
    Key Takeaways Life comes down to becoming and being persistent. Focus gave me the clarity to continue to scale the portfolio. You really need to focus on what you as an investor wants, ultimately what your goals are. You can always buy real estate. You can always buy it in any part of the market […]
  • Joel Friedland - Industrial Real Estate Opportunities
    Key Takeaways Industrial is the backbone of our country, really of the world. Everything is made in an industrial building. Companies are coming back. It's called onshoring or reshoring where what they used to do overseas; they now need to do locally. Real estate is a leveraged business for the most part. You've got to […]
  • Mike Zlotnik - Diversifying Investments for Success
    Key Takeaways Real estate investment is not one size fits all; it's essential to find a model that aligns with your values and business approach. Operating virtually in real estate is not only feasible but can be advantageous, leveraging technology and avoiding physical constraints. Mezzanine debt provides equity-like returns with a safer position, offering a […]
  • Emma Powell - Real Estate Balancing Strategies
    Key Takeaways Real estate success is not just about profits; it's about achieving time and financial freedom to lead a more purposeful and playful life. You have to be able to balance success with your personal life or it's just pointless. It's hard in the moment when there's uncertainty, but once the problem resolves itself, […]
  • Duane Winkel - Relentless Multifamily Business Insights
    Key Takeaways Investors can discern sincerity, and authenticity is a key factor for long-term partnerships. When rates rise, it can be a good time to buy, and when they fall, it's favorable for selling as property values increase. Renovating properties with high vacancy rates, despite potential bank reluctance, offers a chance to improve and raise […]
  • Brady Slack and Michael Scicluna - Mastering Tax Strategies
    Key Takeaways Confidence is not just about being assertive; it's about the willingness to learn and be coached. Life is a journey with its ups and downs; winning the small battles leads to winning the war. Consistency in facing ups and downs allows for success through the big challenges. The language of business is accounting; […]
  • Shannon Robnett - Navigating the Real Estate Market
    Key Takeaways Understanding the market's cyclic nature is crucial, with an anticipation of improvement over the next 12-18 months. Have solutions ready for all aspects of a deal. Learn from 2008: be prepared for market turns. Specializing in one thing becomes crucial as you recognize the depth of your knowledge. True expertise arises from hands-on […]
  • Tim Winders - A Story of Self Realization and Growth
    Key Takeaways Discovering our true nature and purpose is a lifelong journey. There are various characteristics and traits that define us, and these qualities evolve over time. A transformation in one's faith can lead to a fundamental shift in values and perspective on life. Instead of treating spirituality as a resource to turn to only […]