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  • Joel Block - The Fundamentals of Raising Private Equity for Multifamily Real Estate
    Timeline   [01:02] What are your intentions? [02:29] Introduction to today’s guest, Joel Block. [03:23] One word that describes Joel personally and professionally. [04:59] Filling in the gaps of Joel’s background. [06:40] The right way to raise capital. [10:37] Attorneys, accountants, and investors…oh my. [12:45] The first time Joel raised capital. [16:33] New investors and […]
  • Josh Mercer - From the South side of Chicago to a successful Real Estate Investor
    [01:21] Introduction to today's guest, Josh Mercer. [02:44] One word that describes Josh personally and professionally. [03:58] Where Josh came from, and how he grew up. [08:38] Starting the nonprofit, Swish Dreams. [10:28] How Josh’s mother broke him into the real estate scene. [14:17] How Josh’s mother changed the course of their financial situation. [17:43] […]
  • Paul Moore - Riding with Jesus and Storing up Profits
    Timeline   [00:05] Introduction to the episode. [01:43] Introduction to today’s guest, Paul Moore. [02:22] Paul’s professional experience. [04:04] One word that describes Paul personally and professionally. [05:48] A defining moment in Paul’s life/career. [11:20] How living a life devoted to Christ has helped Paul. [12:19] How Paul got involved in real estate. [14:22] The […]
  • Lauren Brychell - Multi-Family & Private Equity
    [00:25] Morning intentions. [01:10] Introduction to today’s guest, Lauren Brychell. [01:57] One word that describes Lauren personally and professionally. [03:05] How Lauren got to where she is today. [04:37] What Lauren does now in her current role. [05:36] Dealing with investors and what they’re looking for. [07:22] How investors' mindsets have changed over the years. […]
  • Mark Savant - Life as an Entrepreneur in the Podcasting and Marketing Space
    Timeline   [01:47] Introduction to today’s guest, Mark Savant. [03:05] One word that describes Mark personally and professionally.  [04:51] Mark’s background and how he got to where he is today. [07:04] What entrepreneurship is. [08:01] Getting into the podcast scene. [10:19] How communication has changed. [11:32] How to separate yourself from the rest and be […]
  • Mike Wolf - Investing in a new idea
    Timeline   [00:55] Daily disciplines to start off your day on a good note. [02:22] Introduction to this week’s guest, Mike Wolf. [03:25] One word that describes Mike W personally and professionally. [04:22] How Mike W first got into real estate. [07:59] Where Mike W was born and raised. [09:04] Mike W investing in different […]
  • Brock Mogensen - Underwriting and raising private capital
    Timeline   [00:46] Introduction to the guest, Brock Mogensen. [02:12] Brock’s bio and current professional roles. [03:00] One word that describes Brock. [05:08] Putting in the work to get where he is today. [06:26] Brock’s backstory and how he landed in real estate. [08:31] Explanation on syndication and underwriting. [09:49] Where Brock’s currently working and investing and what the market […]
  • Agostino Pintus - Scaling your Multi-Family Portfolio to New Heights
    Timeline   [01:58] Introduction and bio of today’s guest, Agostino Pintus. [03:23] One word that describes Agostino. [04:38] Beginning of his career.  [05:47] Living your life in fear.  [07:34] The dark years. [08:54] What changed the direction of Agostino’s career path. [10:21] Current projects Realty Dynamics are working on. [10:51] Triple Net Funds explained. [12:45] […]
  • Daniel Blue - Investing inside a Self Directed IRA
      Timeline [01:55] Introduction to today’s guest, Daniel Blue, [03:06] One word that describes Daniel personally and professionally. [04:18] Where Daniel came from and what his childhood was like. [07:14] A defining moment in Daniel’s life. [09:51] Facing adversity and how it impacts you. [13:00] What Quest Education is and what they’re doing now. [15:48] […]
  • Charlotte Dunford - Immigrated to this country at 16 and now owns 22 mobile home parks
    Timeline  [00:27] Introduction to guest Charlotte Dunford.   [01:01] Charlotte’s professional background.   [01:45] One word that describes Charlotte personally and professionally.   [02:36] When Charlotte moved to the U.S. and why.   [05:00] How Charlotte got involved in real estate.   [07:00] What to look at when buying a mobile home park.   [09:29] […]