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  • David Meltzer - Mindset
    Timeline   [00:06] Intro to Podcast [01:00] Intro to today’s 100th guest, David Meltzer. [01:44] Who David Meltzer is and what he’s up to. [02:52] One word that describes David personally and professionally. [03:07] How David got to where he is today. [06:38] Chasing fame and money. [07:36] The turning point for David. [10:41] What […]
  • Candyce Henderson - Real Estate, Finance and Relationships
    Timeline [01:50] I am going to introduce Candyce Henderson. [02:35] In one word, what best describes you personally and professionally? [03:19] Candyce shares her backstory. [04:24] Talk about your residential team a little bit. [05:13] How big of a role in that team do you play? [07:27] Where do you see the market headed? [09:03] […]
  • Doug McCarty - Luxury Short Term Rentals and Finding Sobriety
    Timeline [01:59] Today, I'm joined by my guest, Doug McCarty. [03:29] In one word, what best describes you personally and professionally? [04:35] Doug shares his backstory. [06:58] So talk a little bit about triple-net, how that structure is set up, how that works for the typical investor, and then what you mean by second note? […]
  • Kathy Fettke - Steady Growth to Build a Multi-Family Empire
    Timeline [02:26] Today, I'm joined by Kathy Fettke. [03:55] One word that describes Kathy personally and professionally. [04:48] Kathy shares her backstory and how she got into real estate. [10:28] How does your portfolio today split up? What portion is single-family versus multi-family or other parts of commercial property? [13:13] Kathy started syndication in 2010 […]
  • Jeff Wickersham - The Impact of High Perfomance Coaching
    Timeline [02:48] So my guest today is Jeff Wickersham. [04:18] One word that describes Jeff personally and professionally. [05:04] Jeff’s backstory and some highlights about his life. [07:17] How Jeff overcomes the mental battle and how he encourages others to do it. [09:04] Jeff talks about the 30 minutes routine before going to bed. [10:46] […]
  • Michael Mikhail - Sucess, entrepreneurship, mortgage lending, and Real Estate Investing.
    Timeline [01:05] Intro to show and today’s guest, Michael Mikhail. [04:22] One word that describes Michael personally and professionally. [05:52] Michael’s backstory and how it all came together for him. [09:32] Defining moment in Michael’s life. [15:42] Talking about Stratton Equities and what they do. [17:25] Is all your money hard money? [20:35] Michael’s favorite […]
  • Mandy McAllister - Chasing debt, right debt and showing up for yourself.
    Timeline: [00:39] Intro to show and today’s guest, Mandy McAllister. [03:13] One word that describes Mandy personally and professionally. [03:53] Mandy’s background and how she got into real estate. [04:48] Planted the seed of must be real estate investor at 19, didn't buy anything with the express purpose of investment until I was 35 [12:00] […]
  • Vessi Kapoulian - Underwriting and the fundamentals behind every evaluation
    Timeline [00:44] Intro to show and today’s guest, Vessi Kapoulian. [03:54] One word that describes Vessi personally and professionally. [04:38] Vessi’s background and how she got into real estate. [07:39] Your personal home is an investment property. [09:39] Talking about Cash flow. [11:43] Vessi’s typical target return. [12:34] Defining IRR (Internal Rate of Return). [13:53] […]
  • Lisa Russell - "A Top Level Conversation on property Management Innovation"
    Timeline [00:44] Intro to show and today’s guest, Lisa Russell. [03:45] One word that describes Lisa personally and professionally. [04:35] Lisa’s background and professional career. [07:17] Starting in the Student housing space. [08:39] Talking about “by the bed versus by the unit rentals”. [15:05] The defining moment in Lisa’s life. [17:34] Top three most important […]
  • Erica Meitz - The importance of taking valuable chances in the Real Estate Market
    Timeline   [00:44] Intro to show and today’s guest, Erica Meitz. [01:49] Erica’s background and professional career. [02:43] One word that describes Erica personally and professionally. [03:33] Filling in the gaps of Erica’s career. [04:46] What Erica looks for in a good team member. [06:00] Erica’s preferred real-estate sector. [07:23] Involving sustainability in real estate. […]