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  • Insider Secrets with Matthew Ferry - Mike Morawski
    Key Takeaways We get humbled by our breakdowns in a very positive way. And breakdown is the beginning of breakthrough. If any of our viewers right now are in a breakdown, things aren't working or malfunctioning, screwed up, nasty or bad, that is to be celebrated. There's a thing that talks in your head that […]
  • Insider Secrets with Neal Bawa - Mike Morawski
    Key Takeaways 80% of all profit being generated in real estate in the last 10 years is simply tied to things that have nothing to do with properties and even nothing to do with markets. The best days of multifamily are behind us. I don't have any data that suggests that the best days of […]
  • GOB Conference - Mike Morawski and Brian Briscoe
    Mike and Brian were live and the GOB conference in Chicago Il in July 2022 and you catch catch up with the great learning and conversation here.
  • David Meltzer - Mindset
    Timeline   [00:06] Intro to Podcast [01:00] Intro to today’s 100th guest, David Meltzer. [01:44] Who David Meltzer is and what he’s up to. [02:52] One word that describes David personally and professionally. [03:07] How David got to where he is today. [06:38] Chasing fame and money. [07:36] The turning point for David. [10:41] What […]
  • Candyce Henderson - Real Estate, Finance and Relationships
    Timeline [01:50] I am going to introduce Candyce Henderson. [02:35] In one word, what best describes you personally and professionally? [03:19] Candyce shares her backstory. [04:24] Talk about your residential team a little bit. [05:13] How big of a role in that team do you play? [07:27] Where do you see the market headed? [09:03] […]
  • Doug McCarty - Luxury Short Term Rentals and Finding Sobriety
    Timeline [01:59] Today, I'm joined by my guest, Doug McCarty. [03:29] In one word, what best describes you personally and professionally? [04:35] Doug shares his backstory. [06:58] So talk a little bit about triple-net, how that structure is set up, how that works for the typical investor, and then what you mean by second note? […]
  • Kathy Fettke - Steady Growth to Build a Multi-Family Empire
    Timeline [02:26] Today, I'm joined by Kathy Fettke. [03:55] One word that describes Kathy personally and professionally. [04:48] Kathy shares her backstory and how she got into real estate. [10:28] How does your portfolio today split up? What portion is single-family versus multi-family or other parts of commercial property? [13:13] Kathy started syndication in 2010 […]
  • Jeff Wickersham - The Impact of High Perfomance Coaching
    Timeline [02:48] So my guest today is Jeff Wickersham. [04:18] One word that describes Jeff personally and professionally. [05:04] Jeff’s backstory and some highlights about his life. [07:17] How Jeff overcomes the mental battle and how he encourages others to do it. [09:04] Jeff talks about the 30 minutes routine before going to bed. [10:46] […]
  • Michael Mikhail - Sucess, entrepreneurship, mortgage lending, and Real Estate Investing.
    Timeline [01:05] Intro to show and today’s guest, Michael Mikhail. [04:22] One word that describes Michael personally and professionally. [05:52] Michael’s backstory and how it all came together for him. [09:32] Defining moment in Michael’s life. [15:42] Talking about Stratton Equities and what they do. [17:25] Is all your money hard money? [20:35] Michael’s favorite […]
  • Mandy McAllister - Chasing debt, right debt and showing up for yourself.
    Timeline: [00:39] Intro to show and today’s guest, Mandy McAllister. [03:13] One word that describes Mandy personally and professionally. [03:53] Mandy’s background and how she got into real estate. [04:48] Planted the seed of must be real estate investor at 19, didn't buy anything with the express purpose of investment until I was 35 [12:00] […]