Property Management Bootcamp General Admission Ticket


The Property Management Bootcamp offers all the necessary tools to operate any property or reengineer a property. Gain the knowledge, understand systems, and strategies, and acquire the ability to execute on stabilizing and increasing property values. Secure tenants and master the art of Tenant Retention. Grasp the financial principles needed to grow the property revenue today.

  • General Admission 
  • Event Access
  • 55-Core Property Management Responsibilities




General Admission gives you access to the live virtual event and provides you the keys and step by step insights to operate and manage multi-family real estate.  You will learn multi-million-dollar growth strategies to grow your multi-Family properties, revenue and overall value. You also receive a copy of the 55- core property management responsibilities.

Join us for a hardcore deep dive into Property management of Multi-Family properties. Learn skills to increase cash flow, manage maintenance and increase tenant retention rates. This Bootcamp will be hosted by Mike Morawski on August 18, 2022, at 9 AM (CST). This is a virtual event via Zoom. This will be a small class style so that everyone can participate, interact and learn.

Register today for this complete deep dive into the proven techniques to drive revenue, improve systems, manage people, develop amenities and maximize your property’s profits.

The price has been reduced to $47.

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