Letter of Intent – Sample


Sample Letter of Intent to purchase



Here is a sample letter of intent that you can use as a guide for generating your own letter of intent to purchase.


This letter of intent (LOI) contains specific legal language and is a document that is used in order to state their intent to submit an offer to purchase said real estate. A letter of intent is written in a specific letter format, and they only need to be signed by one party. Since it is not a contract, it is not usually legally binding.  It does become legally binding once it becomes a contract and is signed by all

The use of a letter of intent demonstrates the knowledge about the subject the transaction will be performed in. It also shows a respectful interest in the other party and dealing with them in a professional manner.

A Letter of Intent becomes a useful way to state your intent without entering into a contract until all terms are agreed upon. Be sure to include as much information as possible in your letter of intent to provide the recipient with all relevant details. This helps to understand the transaction which is being performed and what outcome will be expected if you proceed.


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