Mike Morawski hosts the 3-day Multi-Family Summit. This virtual event is designed to take you to the next level in your Multi-Family Real Estate business.


Are you ready to Get Started in Multi-Family, or are you already a savvy investor? There has never been a better time in history to invest in multi-family real estate & it is only going to get better.

This 3-day event begins October 19th 2023 at 9:00 am CST



20+ Speakers to bring you value!

Topics include

  • Multi-Family Mindset
  • Build Relationships & partnership opportunities
  • Develop the skills to evaluate & underwrite any real estate offering with confidence
  • Exit Planning to maximize your profits
  • Proven to grow your short-term cash flow and long-term wealth
  • Gain the momentum to scale your portfolio
  • Learn tax strategies
  • Techniques in raising Private capital

This 3-day event October 20-22, 2022, begins at 9:00 am CST
will inspire you to take Immediate action.

Event Pricing

General Admission

Event Access
$ 97 Investment In You
  • General Admission
  • Event Access
  • Event Workbook
  • Private Facebook Group Access


VIP Event Access
$ 147 Investment In You
  • All General Features And:
  • VIP Q&A (October 22)
  • Networking
  • Exit Plan E-book
  • The Multi-Family Language course


VIP+ Event Access
$ 197 Investment In You
  • All VIP Features PLUS:
  • Includes 2 stages multiple speakers
  • Multiple Panel Discussions
  • Access to the game Cash Flow
  • One month free Group Coaching
  • Recording of the entire Summit



Mike Morawski hosts the 3-day Multi-Family Summit this virtual event is designed to take you to the next level in your Multi-Family Real Estate business.

This stage will be shared by 20-nationally known speakers, authors, and multi-family owner operators. Each speaker will provide you the keys and step by step insights to Increase your property acquisitions, revenue, and long-term profits. The valuable insights shared by the experience of these owners who own and operate thousands of units will be priceless.  You will learn multi-million-dollar growth strategies.

Mike has over 30 years of real estate investing experience owning and managing over 7,000 multi-family units.  He will be host to these 20 speakers bringing you a wide range of real estate topics that will help grow your multi-family business. 

Success leaves clues!

These success principles will help you grow your business this year:

  • Network and develop strategic Relationships
  • Find the best on and off-market opportunities & analyze them with confidence
  • Exit Planning to maximize your profits

Follow my pathway to success & your success is guaranteed. 

Here is how it works:

  • Gain the clarity on your goals, get momentum to get started & develop the mindset to succeed
  • Build a custom business and growth plan just for you
  • Provide the tools for you to purchase multi-family property
  • Gain personal access to over a combined 100 years of experience

Even if you don’t have any experience

This event is for you if:

  • You are a new real estate investor just getting started
  • Have some experience investing in real estate
  • You are an experienced investor looking to sharpen your skills


Here is what else you will learn:

  • How to evaluate the best markets and deal traps
  • How to negotiate effectively for a win/win deal
  • Understanding the due-diligence process
  • Develop and Exit Plan
  • Raise private equity
  • Funding the deal and the capital stack
  • Execution
  • Operational strategies




In the last year my clients have closed on:

  • Hundreds of multi-family units
  • Multiple large commercial properties for redevelopment
  • Multiple acres of vacant land now under development for new multi-family housing
  • Development to build an automated modular housing factory

My vision for you is to get out of your comfort zone to take action today

As a gift for taking that action today, you gain additional access to a 45-minute initial planning session free.