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Episode 34 guest Mike

Insider Secrets Podcast 34 with Mike Morawski

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #34
Michael Morawski is a 30 plus year real estate investment veteran. He has controlled over $285,000,000 in real estate transactions. Mike is an entrepreneur, author, real estate trainer, public speaker, and personal coach, with strong personal resilience and a deep desire to help others live an extraordinary life. He has coached hundreds of real estate investors to fulfill their dreams.

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Episode 27 guest Aaron Fragnito

Insider Secrets Podcast 27 with Aaron Fragnito

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #27
About Our Guest: I focus on many different types of real estate. I complete many short sales and help distressed property owners. I work with investors to help build their wealth in real estate.

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Episode 26 guest Ruben Greth

Insider Secrets Podcast 26 with Ruben Greth

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #26
Featuring: RUEN GRETH
About Our Guest: He got his start by doing social media videos for a local apartment investor in Phoenix and successfully raised $625K for small Multifamily deals during the post crash buying frenzy.

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Episode 24 guest Alina Trigub

Insider Secrets Podcast 24 with Alina Trigub

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #24
About Our Guest: Alina Trigub is the founder of SAMO Financial LLC. She loves helping people! Her passion is to spread the word about the benefits of passive investing in various forms of real estate.

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Episode 1 guest Michael Zau

Insider Secrets Podcast 21 with Michael Zau

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #21
Featuring: MICHAEL ZAU
About Our Guest: I coach investors on how to actively plan for real estate investment so as a part of their portfolio. If you are buying an investment property I can advise or fund in 27 other states.

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Episode 20 guest Chad Defoor

Insider Secrets Podcast 20 with Chad Defoor

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #20
Featuring: CHAD DEFOOR
About Our Guest: Chad has over twenty years of experience in commercial real estate, specializing in brokerage, asset management, acquisitions, and dispositions of multifamily real estate.

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Here’s the deal…

When seeking a coach, it’s important to realize your shortcomings, potential, and drive for success. I have had several coaches over the years that held

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Episode 18 guest Dante Belmonte

Insider Secrets Podcast 18 with Dante Belmonte

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #18
About Our Guest: Danté is currently the host of a Real Estate Podcast “Make Money, Makes Sense” that can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and other major streaming services.

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Episode 17 guest Lisa Phillips

Insider Secrets Podcast 17 with Lisa Phillips

Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #17
About Our Guest: After a foreclosure in the bloated Las Vegas, NV real estate market, and her second lay off, Lisa Phillips found herself with alone, with no job, halfway across the United States from friends and family.

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Episode 14 guest Chris O'Connor

Insider Secrets Podcast 14 with Chris O’Connor

Insider Secrets Podcast, Episode #14
About Our Guest: Chris started investing at the ripe old age of 16, when he bought $1000 of the T Rowe Price New Horizons Fund with money he saved from lawn mowing, snow shoveling and odd jobs.

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