Mike Morawski

Mike Morawski is a 30+ year real estate investment veteran. He has controlled over $405,000,000 in real estate transactions.  An entrepreneur, author, real estate trainer, public speaker, and personal coach.  With a strong personal resilience and a deep desire to help others live an extraordinary life. He has coached hundreds of real estate investors to fulfill their dreams.    

Michael began as a general contractor in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago with $5 mm in annual revenue. He sold his company and then took some time off to decide what to do next. Michael entered the real estate industry as a sales agent building a team of agents and support staff that produced over $20 mm per year in sales production.  In 2005, Michael started a private equity firm, raising $18 mm in private equity and acquired $60 mm in multi-family apartments including 4,000 units in five different US markets. As part of the company’s growth, Mike built and developed a property management division that managed 7,500 units.

Mike has always believed that transparency and honesty are central to any successful business and personal life. As a result of the 2008 world economic crisis, Mike let his guard down and let his transparency slip. The impact that had on his company and its real estate holdings left him scrambling to protect the company and its investors. 

Due to the market climate, he found himself in a defensive mode operating out of chaos and fear. In an attempt to protect his company’s investors, Mike had to make difficult business decisions. Some of those decisions were handled poorly.  As a result of those poor decisions, the company imploded and Mike faced wire and mail fraud charges which lead to a 10-year federal prison sentence.   

To read more about his story, you can read the full story in the Journal of Business Ethics titled: Multi-Family Ventures, LLC and the 2008 Financial Crisis: Ethical Decisions Regarding Keeping the Board Informed

This was a devastating loss of life as he knew it and everything he thought was important and came as a harsh wake-up call. 

Mike used his time in prison to make a difference. He worked to receive his college bachelor’s degree. Mike developed and taught bible studies, ethics, real estate, and property management classes. Mike served on a prison suicide cadre and was involved in the community outreach program.  He was one of the founding members and president of toastmasters as well as a core member of Alcoholics Anonymous. He and his story made a positive impact in the lives of others both in and outside the prison walls.

Mike’s resilient mindset helped him turn things around. Now Mike is focused on helping real estate owner/operators and other industry professionals make wise, responsible decisions while continuing to grow their businesses and create a profit. The positive impact Mike can have on you comes from learning from his experiences, both positive and negative. Mike offers to be what he did not have during that time – someone to help you make tough decisions when challenges come your way.

Mike’s comeback story will inspire you and open your eyes. Entrepreneurs are often faced with decisions that impact the rest of their life. As Mike experienced, those choices can either be positive or devastatingly negative.   

Today Michael’s passion is sharing his knowledge and wisdom with others for their gain. Mike is the host of the Insider Secrets Podcast and the co-host of Multi-family Unplugged Vidcast.

Michael has built My Core Intentions training and coaching platform to help real estate investors and industry professionals excel in their field. His Core principle is to teach his clients how to create “short-term cash flow and long-term wealth.” This is delivered through live and virtual training events, and three levels of personal coaching.

Two of the things that set My Core Intentions apart is their teaching about developing an exit plan and a deep dive into creating wealth through small multi-family properties. Michael’s clients are completing transactions within 12 weeks, experiencing personal growth and business revenues exceeding rates of 20% growth annually. 

We assist our clients in setting accountable standards in their personal and professional lives which enable them to realign with things that really matter, like family and personal growth. We guide our clients to discover their true passions which include a virtuous and balanced lifestyle.