Great Client Feedback!

I came to the multi-family course to gain more knowledge of managing and owning real estate and my expectations were far exceeded.  Mike has a great wealth of knowledge and knows how to teach and share with others.  He proved to me that I can go and do this business.  I will get coaching and accountability to move forward         
 Anthony Bell
I came to the class to learn some general principles about real estate investing.  I left with so much more.  I can’t wait to go to the next class to see how much more I can learn.  With a stronger understanding of real estate and being a landlord, I am ready to get started.
Jose Ramos
 The class was outstanding. I know now I can go and invest in a multifamily myself.  The creative no money down process is fantastic.  The return on my investment for the class was well worth the money and time.  I know now the deals are out there and well worth the time to go after them. I feel I learned so much about how to source properties and off the market deals I am going home from this weekend and get started on my investing path.  On a survey My Core Intentions asked “Why did you take this class?  And Marcus answered to get the necessary education on investing in real estate.  N0 matter what the market is doing.  To create wealth, freedom, and the art of the deal.  Creative financing that generated positive cash flow.  I want to get out of the single-family residents and get into bigger properties like multi-family.
I went to the class to learn how to finance and locate deals.  With the creative financing techniques, I learned and the different places to find deals I will be much more successful than when I started.
Jimmy D
I wanted to learn to take advantage of the different resources available to me to develop the knowledge to get involved in multi-family larger deals.  I think Mike helped me to get over my fear and now can take the first step.  That was the first milestone accomplished.
John Thomas
I wanted to gain knowledge and advance my mind.  I needed to get over my fear.  Now that I have gotten more knowledge of real practical strategies my fear is gone.  Time to start.
Tim Williams
Dear Mr. Morawski, Managing real estate strategies has helped me to understand the basic concept of real estate.  You gave me a real-world step by step approach to getting started in the business of managing properties.  Your platform is perfect for a guy like me that is driven and willing to work hard through the daily execution of becoming a property manager and owner.  You have done a great job in writing the book managing winning property management strategies.
 Dave Block
 Basically, have a passion for real estate and want to be not only a great investor but an elite investor.  With the financing skills and creative techniques Mike taught the last three days I feel like I am unstoppable.
Anthony Borek
Mike is very practical, immediately relevant, and ready to use.  Brilliantly timed and a straightforward strategy.  It truly brings out the best of your experience and success in real estate investing.  A worthy class and you surely have a desire to help others succeed.
Navdeep A
Mike you are an ambitious guy.  Your ideas and concepts are thought provoking. Your stories are entertaining and keep the rooms attention.  I know your focus on helping others will fill your future rooms with the excellent material you have produced.
 Dave Malone
"Please accept this recommendation regarding your real estate class Exit Strategies.  I can highly recommend any beginner, intermediate, experienced investor, or real estate professional to review and study your program for their education or day to day business to reach their goals. The scope of information is complete and highly informative.  My overall impression of the highlights of exit strategies is realistic and a real-world example of the multi-family space.  I have many years of experience and am a seasoned real estate investor.  This program has taught me new ideas and opportunities to look for.  Many programs on the market are conceptual but "Exit Strategies" is real and practical. I felt the program and material was organized in a progressive structure.  The financial data and tables were accurate and realistic. The organizational structure being actual events depicts how acquisition and disposition really go.  It was honest and intriguing. The conclusion was realistic and conservative sharing the adversity and how to overcome the challenges. Any investor who reads Exit Strategies and takes the effort to move forward will have successful results. Exit Strategies is written well and deserves congratulations."
James Dudgeon  
Chairman of Balastrodoch Capital LLC
Super! Best class ever!! Took all my skepticism away.  The information is timely in my career.
Julie Ann
I am a seasoned investor with several properties I own but this was a great review and a good motivator to get me going and recharged thank you.
Kristina Louis
There was a lot of material covered I am grateful I has some knowledge because it helped me keep up with the strategies.  The creative financing conversations could have been a little more in depth, but I did learn a lot.  Your specific examples and stories were very helpful in understanding and laying out a formula for my business.
Warren T
I came into the class a total novice and no idea of how to be a real estate investor.  After the ten weeks of class I have not only learned what it takes to be a successful investor but have started to take action and do what it takes.   I want to buy a home for my family to live but I now know and believe I can buy a couple to build my net worth and have money for retirement.
Anthony Holliman
Mike your conversation around planning your exit was perfect.  You were right no other trainers talk about that in the beginning it is kept till the end if there is enough time. The strategy behind planning the exit is brilliant.
Dale Hill
Mike the charts and graphs helped explain the stories and understand where we were going.  The financial diagrams for profit and loss were extremely helpful. The rent roll lay out was self-explanatory thank you.
Carol Johnson
Very descriptive and helpful.  Mike your stories helped me to learn and understand more.  Topics like depreciation and tax conversations can sometimes go over my head but your teaching was basic and easy to understand. I am looking forward to the next time you are in town.
Gary S
As a complete novice to real estate investing who is looking to get started and has never owned any real estate.  Exit strategies by Mike Morawski was an incredible informative and practical book.  It covered all the key topics in detail with extremely helpful and illustrative real-world examples.  What truly separates this book from other is the actionable advice Mike gives.  He not only repeatedly encourages but shows his readers how to take that next step to get started in multi-family real estate investing.  Many other books just throw some basic numbers and strategies at you without providing any advice to act on.  However, Exit Strategies paints a clear picture on how to get started and My Core Intentions gives you access to further training and coaching if desired.  This book is much more than just learning the fundamentals.  It provides a detailed step by step process with excellent analysis and reasoning from experience and successful multi-family real estate investing professional.  Thank You Mike!
Matt Brunstrum