About Us

You probably have your favorite trainer, seminar, podcast, or book, right? 

My Core intentions has spent tens of thousands of dollars on training and educational material, seminars, and private coaching programs and we walk away unfulfilled and with not many more ideas than we began with.  We offer a change to those other programs and instead provide the necessary and valuable tools to open the doors you want to open.

As an illustration: Have you ever been taught to plan your exit from the beginning?  You may have heard you make your money in a real estate transaction when you buy it.  That is mostly true, however, you don’t REALIZE that profit till you sell the real estate.  This only goes to prove that the best course of action is to make your EXIT PLAN and strategy BEFORE you close on the property.   

My Core Intentions had the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the multi-family investing process offering experience and simple strategy.  With more than 3o years of experience working with investor clients, we can help you navigate the waters successfully.

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If you are convinced that multi-family real estate investing is the way to create “Short term cash flow and long-term wealth” for you and your family, then it is time for you to take the next step.  We are offering a no strings attached, practical and valuable free coaching session, to see if we’re a good match. Some potential clients aren’t the right fit for us. Perhaps you are.

Real estate investors who are in the single-family arena looking to make the transition into the multi-family space just don’t make the switch.  They seem to let fear hold them back.  They say I could never buy a, 50 or 100 0r 200-unit deal.  What they are always surprised to discover is closing an 8 or 10 unit is no more difficult than closing a 200 unit transaction. Let us teach you the ropes. We’re here to help.