CHALLENGE you can underwrite quality investment deals?Want to become a rockstar in multi-family investing?Ready to develop a critical skill for success? The 4-day underwriting challenge helps any investor, at any level of success, become even better. In this challenge you will:- Understand how to pencil a deal from basic fundamentals- Learn how to put a quality deal together- Find hidden value with useful tools- Create a solid offering to get a deal done For just $97 you will learn how to become a master of underwriting and make quality deals become your reality.


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Whether you’re new to multi-family investing, or are growing a fund, expanding your portfolio takes knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals. My Core Intentions objective is giving clients a competitive advantage through on and off-market networks, in-depth local market expertise, comprehensive risk analysis, and thorough deal-level modeling. We do so through an objective and transparent process starting with translating your strategy into actionable investment objectives. We utilize a proven approach which provides a solid framework for defensible investment decisions and higher returns. 

            Population Growth            Job Growth            Household Income            Crime Rate            Demographics            Economic Development            Schools            Housing market and stock 

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