Property Evaluation & Due Diligence

There are many steps and the processes can be cumbersome to a completed due-diligence package.  My Core Intentions due-diligence team will take the speculation out of your acquisition.  Our evaluation team offers two choices for you.  We will complete the entire due-diligence process for you and provide a clear and concise report on the quality of your purchase or you we will join you in the process of the due diligence and help you fill in the blanks guide you along the way. 

With a property assessment and condition report you can be confident that you have all the necessary due diligence required.  The following can be completed in one package or broken out into sections designing a personalizes plan for your acquisition and soundness of mind.   The following are some of the processes we offer:

·   Physical inspection

·   Phase I

·   Pahe II if necessary

·   Books and records inspection

·   Risk assessment

·   Financing preparation and processing

·   Exit Planning

·   Restoration planning

·   Preparation for closing

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