Mike Morawski's
Property Management Bootcamp
August 18th 2022


Property Management Bootcamp

Property management is not often talked about, it’s just not fun. But it is the necessary work to increase the value and maximize the profit of any multi-family real estate holding.  Whether you are a new or a seasoned investor this training event is for you.

You are now faced with a choice to leave this webpage with the current status quo or take the step forward and increase your education.  The decision to move forward will empower your brain to take massive action and propel you forward. 

Register now and gain all the operational skills needed to maximize the profit and value of any property.

Are you ready to take the next step in multifamily operations with property Management?
This one-day Bootcamp is designed to take your operational skills to the next level
How much do you know about the business of property management?
Are you looking to build a property management company?
If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then this bootcamp is for you.
You won’t want to miss this event.

Property management is a business that involves
 Managing different kinds of people
 Managing Real estate, residents, contractors, and the day-to-day details
 Improving businesses operations
 Understanding the local laws and procedures
 Obtaining the keys to success for every property
Even if you don’t have any experience, this event is for you if:
 You are a new investor or property manager getting started
 Have some experience managing single-family properties
 You are an experienced property manager looking to sharpen your skills
Here are three keys designed to grow your property and management business this year.
 Build Relationships with tenants, vendors, and owners
 Discover and grow the revenue to increase any properties value
 Develop the necessary leadership skills for success
 Maximize any properties profits
Follow my pathway to success and I will guarantee your success.
What else you will learn:
 Property Management basics and getting started
 Setting the qualification standards
 Screening the prospect
 Marketing and scheduling showings
 Understanding the lease process
 The move-in and move-out process
 Fair Housing
 Rents and collections
 The eviction processes
 The financial process and strategies
 Operational strategies
My vision for you is to get out of your comfort zone to take action today.
As a gift for taking that action today, you receive access to a 45-minute initial coaching and planning session free.

General Admission

Event Access
$ 47 Investment In You
  • General Admission
  • Event Access
  • 55-Core Property Management Responsibilities


VIP Event Access
$ 97 Investment In You
  • Event Access
  • 55-Core Property Management Responsibilities
  • Workbook
  • Access to the home study course multi-Family language
  • VIP Q&A (Aug 17 evening)
  • Networking


VIP+ Event Access
$ 147 Investment In You
  • Event Access included in General Admission
  • Workbook
  • VIP Q&A (Aug 17, evening)
  • One Free planning session with Mike
  • Networking
  • Copy of Exit Plan your complete guide to multi-family investing & why you need an exit plan
  • Access to the home study course Operations & Property Management
  • Access to the home study course multi-Family language
  • The recording of the entire property management boot camp