Virtual CashFlow Game

I want to personally invite you to a FREE Virtual CashFlow Game, The Award-Winning Board Game!

If you are new to investing or an established investor, I want you to join me on December 7th at 7 PM CST. Bring your spouse and/or business partner!

What to expect in a virtual CashFlow game?

First, expect to have FUN! Second, we will have a Michael Zau moderating the game and tell you all you need to know. Do you have to know how to play? Absolutely not. Is it easy to learn? Yes!

Michael Zau is familiar with My Core Intentions and CashFlow. He previously hosted our virtual CashFlow game during our Multi-Family Global Summit in October.

Who can benefit from this?

Are you new to investing? Looking for new cash flow strategies? Or simply looking to take control of your finances? The truth is, everyone can benefit from CashFlow, join us!

It’s an award-winning game for a reason! You can’t miss out!

Stay tuned for more on Cash Flow!

Register here for Monday night

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