Insider Secrets Podcast Episode #45

Featuring guest: Corneilous Cannon

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Guest Bio:

Something happened that I never expected. I thought having a secure job with a successful company that provided benefits would be a safe spot for me and my family. Until one day I experienced something I never saw coming, my 1st of many Government shutdowns. Being a trained soldier, I agreed to fight, defend, and protect our country. So, it was common for me to be away from my family, risk my life, and see many soldiers lose theirs.  However, during the government “shut down”, I was stuck like millions of other soldiers. We had the fear of not knowing when we were going to get financially paid again.

Could you imagine as a Father, Husband, and Leader of a household being asked “what are we going to do now”? With a little bit of faith, I went to my favorite G’s: God and Google. When God sent me to Google, I type in “how to make money”. An article appeared with a list of the wealthiest people in the world. After reading each wealthy person’s bio, I was surprised to see there was a common theme. Many of the wealthiest people in the world were involved in some type of real estate. At that moment, I committed to learning whatever it takes to be successful in real estate. Since then I have studied and implemented several strategies, which provided me and my family enough income to leave the Army. Today my energy goes towards building a community that helps families increase their time and freedom through investing in Real Estate.


Standout Quotes:

“Sometimes you’re not sure how you can get there but you know where you want to go” – [Corneilous]

“I think what happens is people find themselves in this box, and they say ‘this my life’ or ‘this is who I am” – [Mike]

“Real Estate is a vehicle, a vehicle to get somewhere we can be more of who we want to become” – [Corneilous]

“I think that one of our base assets is ourselves… you invest in your mindset, your skillset and also Networks” – [Corneilous]

“The more people you help people, the better you help yourself… you learn more by sharing” – [Corneilous]

“The things you did in the past prepare you for the things you’ve got in the future and your present” – [Corneilous]

“Your value is not always tied to money” – [Corneilous]

“You’re the one that knows internally that you have value and that it really doesn’t matter what other people around you might say, either positive or negative” – [Mike]

Key Takeaways:

  • Corneilous describes his philosophy in business and personal life using the word ‘Focus’.
  • A major motivation for his success was the desire to move as far away from suffering as possible.
  • Corneilous shares that a defining moment for him came after the loss of his wife, and the realization that he would have had more time for his family if he had cash flow rather than cash influx which took up most of his time to work and make money.
  • You need to have the cash influx and cash appreciation as well, but the cash flow is really what you need to build up.
  • When it comes to making high stake decisions, it’s not about right or wrong, have a focus and determine if your decisions work towards that focus or not.
  • In business, you need to wear 3 hats, the ‘CEO Hat’ to create and manage systems, the ‘Entrepreneur Hat’ to find and solve problems, and the ‘Marketer Hat’ to get the solution from the entrepreneur and bring it to the right marketplace.
  • Cornelius explains that he finds areas he is great at and enjoys, and outsources the rest to someone better.
  • People are so afraid of sharing information, they think that they’re going to lose but you may win.
  • Insider secrets for investors: Model people who are successfully doing what you’re doing, but put your flavor into it, if it worked for them, chances are it may work for you.
  • Another secret Corneilous stresses involves asking for help.
  • As a brand, you’ve got to know yourself by trying different things, and you’re doing this to find your voice and who you are.
  • For new investors: Look around and start moving somewhere, understand that there are people out there willing to help you, and if you want to build a long term brand, look at the people who have been around for a while and model them, but then make it your own.


Episode Timeline:

[02:33] Our guest today, ‘Corneilous Cannon’ discusses strategies to create more time and freedom for your lifestyle.

[05:10] In one word, will you describe for us what your business and personal philosophy is?

[06:05] Corneilous shares his backstory.

[12:27] What was your defining moment?

[16:36] How do you make high stake decisions in your life?

[17:46] Corneilous shares his best resources, strategy-wise.

[19:24] What type of things do you seek out to help you improve personally and professionally?

[23:40] An insider secret from Corneilous.

[26:08] What do you think that you know today, that you wish you would have known when you first got into the Real Estate investing space? 

[29:23] What types of things as an entrepreneur do you do to build your brand?

[31:43] What advice would you give a new investor today?

[35:11] What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

“Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales Funnels” by Russell Brunson

[35:52] How to contact Corneilous

Website –

YouTube – Apartment Investing Secrets Corneilous Cannon.

Email –


[00:00:10]Mike: Hey, good afternoon everybody. It’s Mike with insider secrets and I am really excited about our show today. I am joined by Corneilous Cannon. Hey Corneilous, tell our guests what they can expect to hear on today’s show.

[00:00:22] Corneilous: Okay. This show, we’re gonna talk more about how you can create more time and offer more freedom for your lifestyle.

[00:00:28] Mike: Awesome. And you’re going to have to listen in to hear the rest of it.

[00:00:32]Kristen: Welcome to this week’s edition of insider secrets. The show that turns multifamily investing into reality. Each show we interview guests who are seasoned professionals, actively closing and managing real estate deals. Your host Mike Morawski has more than 30 years of multifamily, real estate investing and property management experience.

[00:00:54] Mike is the founder of my core intentions. And he’s been involved in over $285 million of transactions. Focuses on helping you create short term cash flow and long-term wealth. Here’s your host, Mike.

[00:01:10]Mike: Hey, good afternoon everybody. It’s Mike, your host of insider secrets, and it’s Tuesday afternoon. And we know insider secrets is brought to you by my core intentions. So let me ask you, have you been thinking lately about what your intentions are? Here we are the end of the year heading into the new year recording this, and I want to know what your why is?

[00:01:30] And more importantly, what is that matter for you in your life and for your business? You know at MCI we invest in our client’s future through an educational platform. Teaching you how to create short-term cash flow and long-term wealth, while empowering you to execute sound principles in real estate investing and property management while living a well balanced lifestyle. And that’s what I find is most important. It’s so easy in the real estate business to get our lifestyle out of balance. And I know our guest today is going to talk with us a little bit about that as well, but we need to develop a strong foundation on practical principles.

[00:02:10]I share a lot of those principles in my newly released book, exit plan. Your complete guide to multifamily investing and why you need an exit plan before you buy. So you can pick up your copy either on my website or at Amazon. And if you’re looking for some direction, call my core intentions and let’s see what we can do to help you get some things set up.

[00:02:29] Okay without any further pause, I’m excited about my guest today. I’m gonna be joined by Cornelius Cannon. Cornelius, you want to say hi before I introduce you?

[00:02:38]Corneilous: Hi everybody. How are you doing?

[00:02:40]Mike:  Good for you to be here today. I’m glad to see you so. Hey, so Corneilous has an interesting story.

[00:02:46]Something happened that he never really expected. He thought he had a secured job with a very successful company that provided benefits. That would be a safe spot for him and his family until one day unexpectedly something happened. He said he never saw it coming. It was the first of many government shutdowns.

[00:03:06] He’s a trained soldier and agreed to fight and defend and protect our country. So it was common for him to be away from his family, to risk his life and to see many soldiers lose theirs. And Corneilous, I just want to say, thanks for your service. Appreciate that. And however, during this government shutdown, he was struck like millions of other soldiers. He was stuck and had the fear of knowing what was going to happen financially. And how many of us wind up in that position where one day we wake up and we wonder what we’re going to do financially. He’s going to tell us how he got out of that today though.

[00:03:44] You know, could you imagine as a father, a husband, a leader of a household being asked, what are you going to do now? With a little bit of faith, he turned to his favorite two Gs. And this is what I really like is those Gs where God and Google. I never heard of God at Google being on the same page, but I guess I Google God a lot and look for different things.

[00:04:06] But when God sent him to Google he typed in how to make money. And an article appeared with a list of the wealthiest people in the world. Like anybody else, he read that article, and I always say success leaves clues. So how do you find those clues? But by reading through something like that. But many of the wealthiest people in the world were involved in some type of real estate. Isn’t that interesting how much wealth is created in this country by real estate.

[00:04:34] At that moment, he committed to learning whatever it was going to take to be successful. Since then he studied and implemented several strategies that provide him and his family with enough income to leave the army and keep his family growing. So today his energy goes towards building a community that helps families increase their time and freedom through real estate investing.

[00:04:59] Hey Cornelius, thanks for being here. The first thing that I always like to ask people is in one word, will you describe for us? What your business and personal philosophy is?

[00:05:12]Corneilous: I think the one word I can sum it all is focused. Because I think the ability to focus on something. You can do all these things, but if you’re not focused on your strategy, you all will fall. So you need to have some type of focus, some type of direction where you’re going. It’s in a boat, we just paddling in circles while I’m focused on the end goal and going somewhere. May I share how I can get there? You know where you want to go.

[00:05:32] Yeah, interesting, focus and focus is important. So listen, that kind of was a high level bio about you. But here’s what I want, I want to know your back-story. Tell us how you got to where you’re at today. Would you?

[00:05:44] Okay? Wow man. First of all, it was a great intro, I love that. And thank you, it’s great to be on the show man. It’s a great opportunity as well. My background is coming from; I was born in Georgia and somewhere to Atlanta, Georgia outside of Marietta, Georgia. And back then it was really big on music and sports.

[00:06:02] So it’s like either you had a jump shot or you can rap. And I couldn’t freestyle very well and I was pretty good at football and basketball. But really I opened and what happened to me was when we had the number two guard in the whole nation was like I played before me?

[00:06:16] And one of the things I surprised him was when he didn’t go to a D one school. He didn’t go to a big school, and that opened my eyes like, wow. He only the second best in the nation. And he still didn’t go to a top school because of that. We’ll all go here’s your into, make it out of the make out of our, probably through sports or through wrapping a single or the streets, the street life.

[00:06:35] And my time, growing up, I had my father was in prison when I was born. So I had that statistic against me, about how, a lot of people in my neighborhood didn’t make it out of the neighborhood because, either drugs or alcohol, or just a lifestyle that you know so well.

[00:06:50] And I was like, dude, I was like, I don’t want a lifestyle for myself some of the time, like I don’t want it. So I started seeking and trying to figure out this. And the thing about Atlanta and Georgia was it’s interesting because of you can drag one that you can drive down the street and like the hood in the ghetto, but also you start seeing the mansions in nice cars.

[00:07:06] So it’s what the difference is. We all live in a same role, but it’s all the people here cannot be represent singers. Something gotta be different about it. So I really started studying and started working in restaurants and start all the server serving a high end clientele. It seemed these young people coming there, with black cars and nice car, this, how can I get this lifestyle?

[00:07:25] So I guess that. Having that inside them like this, it could be more right. It could be more it’s what am I doing wrong? What am I doing wrong? Or what will I need to do differently that I don’t know. I don’t know. It really sparked my curiosity to be constantly learning about something new, something new is always out there. So I’m because of it’s we all say that we all have 24 hours in a day. And so like, how do you, what are you doing? I’m not doing so it really opened my eyes during that. And it really been a platform for me to really fuel my fire of trying, like trying to get more life, not for me, but for my family.

[00:07:55] And for those who think. And there are those who think that there’s not a way out of their situation. Cause like sometimes we only know what we see as bad. So sometimes it’s good to get outside of your environment to see other things like, wow. Things can be different. It’s like looking at ain’t no stuck in a box, but when you’re outside of Boston easily outside of the box, when you’re outside of the box, So it’s like helping people get outside of that box or outside of the cubicle, you understand life is more than what we think it is right when it’s fishbowl, but it’s a whole ocean out there.

[00:08:22] So that really been my passion too. Cause I seen more and I like this. I want more. Cause I seen people struggle and I’ve been through the struggle of life, the government housing and living in a household being the only man Single parent household and so forth. I see my mother fight and struggle throughout the years.

[00:08:37] And I was like, I, why can’t we have that lifestyle? Why can we, what can we have that, that joy just, not just the all defensive card stuff, the freedom or the stress of not having the monster of bills and financial freedom coming after us. That fear. So that’s really my story about how to.

[00:08:55] Prepare myself, I guess if you run it from suffering run it from trying to run forest possible. It helped people to get far as POS, because I think that once you get past that’s when life really begins. That’s when you that’s, when you become a better mother, a better father, a better daughter, a better husband, a better wife, because of you don’t have that fear of, or that stress of financial.

[00:09:13]So imagine what more we can do, right? You can be more friendly, a lot of fights happen between the worst happen between money, mostly money and sex. And usually people use sex as a sedation because they push it with their money and their lifestyle.  So I think that’s.

[00:09:28]That’s been a big key in my life trying to help people break that break that focus. So we can be better off just in our internal, be better at ourself.

[00:09:35]Mike: That’s what we always say, finance and romance. Listen I really like what you were talking about early on, you talked about, Hey look, the only way out was through music or through sports, and I think what happens is people find themselves in this box, right? And they say this is my light for, this is where I am. Like, I, I know guys that live in, in, in the city of Chicago and I live in the city, but they’ve never been past. And they’ll joke about it. They’ll say I’ve never been past Western Avenue or I’ve never been North of 12th street, and it what becomes interesting is that. You live in this box and you don’t know what’s outside there and, to get on an airplane for the first time or to venture into a new business or to be in a new conversation. No, I think today, I think one of the greatest opportunities that we’ve developed over the last few months is being able to meet online.

[00:10:29] Yes. And virtually, you can talk to more people today. You can be in bigger groups today. You don’t have to wait to go somewhere, sign up for something it’s instantaneous. So I think that’s great. Good for you though. That’s great that you didn’t, live in that box and you decided to get out.

[00:10:46] Corneilous: So if I say. Go home. I remember one time I was at school right now. I think my, I think we do history class and it was saying how 98% of people will live and die in a 10 mile radius. And I said, I was like, I like Tim. I really like this 10 miles from my house back to school. It opened my eyes.

[00:11:01] Didn’t. Some people are like, Oh yeah, great. Living from Harlem is I, it opened my eyes. Do I want to do more? It’s more out there. And I want to travel. I want to see the world because of to understand like people put you in a box and then people hold you in that box.

[00:11:13] So okay, I’m up my spark to get out as well. Yeah. So

[00:11:17] Mike: listen, everybody has a defining moment, right? Yes. What was yours?

[00:11:21]Corneilous:  One of, I have a couple of them in life. One of my defining moments was. I had one. I had one recently when I was got older. One of my defining moments was in my thirties, my first wife died, my first wife passed.

[00:11:34] And one of the things was it was a relationship like we would just, we just got, took out an army, so Dan, but cause I will make it, I’ll make all his money, making money, doing housing and the wholesale real estate agent. And I was constantly gone thinking that I’m thinking that, the more money we have, the more the thing we’d only be.

[00:11:49] And. I realized the more I was working and being a provider, I was less as a husband and less as a father.  And, but however, being a man is it comes like, we think that, it’s multiple, you gotta be multiple people. You have to be a provider. You gotta be a lover.

[00:12:05] You gotta be a caretaker. You gotta be, spiritual, you have all these dimensionals, you have to be, but only I only knew as. I’m going to focus on being a provider as a man.  So what that happened was that started to break up my marriage and what happened was it was a point where it gets, it got to a point.

[00:12:21] It wasn’t like we were roommates for a moment. And since we’re living in Amtech, she said let me go back home and expect that my mom things settled down for a while. And I thought that I was like, great, no problem. I can work full time making enough money. And you come back and life would be great.

[00:12:34]But however, that ain’t never came. And one day she woke up, she, I guess was stressing so forth and then she woke up, took a shower and she had a seizure. Yeah, she dropped in the shower and that moment. And people take death different ways. And I married. I remember it for me.

[00:12:50] The first thing that came with me was it was it was asking God, why? Like why this happened so forth. Then it became anger. I was angry. I was like, dude, it’s didn’t happen to her. It just didn’t happen. Then after that it was more so of guilt.

[00:13:03] Like I could have helped out if I would’ve been there, if I would’ve been there more. So that kind of opened my eyes. At times I had a mentor private lending and he was like can is, you have money, but you need to focus on having more cash flow. It’s not about cash influence, but cash flow is what you need.

[00:13:18] Because when you have cash flow, you can spend more time with your family. You can be a better husband, your baby. So it means, so you have to, you don’t have to rush out there and do everything because my, my business was all about. Influence, make money. Then we make money. So I’m, I’ll make them money.

[00:13:31] I think about my family. They want me out, my family likes to do that’s about good money. So it was like a concert place about where I should be. And I never could have been present with my family and so forth. So it was really find a moment like why? Like I need to find more cash for my lifestyle because of.

[00:13:46] I don’t want you to, like I said before now I have a son and daughter myself, and I try to be there for them. And I say  want to be more time with them, which is possible. He’s getting old. And next year he go to school and so forth. And now I’m like this. So now like this, I guess I want to spend more time with him because I have no help all of my life flight deck.

[00:14:01] So it was all about time. Like I said we. Real estate is a vehicle to get somewhere, somewhere tend to be more of what we want to be going to become. And so that was a defining moment. Dude, I need to focus more on cash flow that way, that I don’t have to worry about working everyday and making more money because now you need to have the cash inflows, but also you need to have the cash flow and the cash appreciation as well.

[00:14:23] But the cash flow is what you really need to build up. And what do you have that constitutes

[00:14:26] Mike: coming up? So here’s what I’m hearing along the way, right? Is that this has not been an easy journey by any means, even with making a lot of money and having the success, there’s been the stumbling blocks along the way, starting from the time you were in the military and with your dad going to prison.

[00:14:44] And when you look back on your history to get to where you are today, to get out of that box and to live outside there, That takes a lot of effort on somebody’s part. And I, my hat goes off to you. I commend you a lot for that. Here’s what else, with your military background and your history, how do you make high stake decisions in your life?

[00:15:04]We’re all faced with choices and decisions every day. W what process do you go through to make those types of decisions? I

[00:15:12] Corneilous: think Bye. Bye. We said earlier about having a focus, right? And you can gauge upon your focus if does this, is this a fake? My if I want to, if I have a better marriage, is this thinking about my marriage?

[00:15:23] Is it, how does it affect me as a father? How does it affect me as a person and like saying, because that’s my focus now is being a better provider, a better husband, and also a better a father, as much as my children as well, and also a better store of God. God come first. So I really reflect decision upon those things.

[00:15:38]Does that compromise those values that I have in my life? And that allows me to make decisions easier, because if it’s either it’s not really right or wrong, is that, is it working or is not working towards it? So I, as I worked to do this, help him go there or not, and that kind of make things more simple in the process.

[00:15:53]Mike: Sure makes a lot of sense. Good for you. Everybody in business has their best techniques, as far as systems and processes. What are the, what are a couple of the best resources that you have? Technology-wise and maybe some strategies that you’ve put together in your investing business.


[00:16:11]Corneilous: I learned now I say in business, you need to wear basically three hats, right? You need to have you need to have the CEO hat on, that’s about managing systems, right? Crate systems, imagine systems and so forth. You can also have the entrepreneurial hat, the person who actually go out there and find problems and actually come up a solution for problems.

[00:16:28]They also need to have the marketing hat, the marketing actually get the solution from the entrepreneur. It brings to the right marketplace.  I’m always comfortable wearing those three hats. Like I think I’m a good person. I’m a good problem solver. I was will if I find a problem, solve it, but now I’m become better at marketing and I can hide it.

[00:16:43] See the old being the CEO of so forth crane systems. I have that, but also I can outsource that as well and learn more about that. But my thing is I find a position that I like more and outsource the risk. So my thing is now Susan is like, fine. Worker, like I know growing up, I would say for weaknesses, but now I focus on my strengths and I supposed to rest or find somebody to do the risk.

[00:17:04] So I, so I look forward to things that I’m great at. I’m number 10 at like I enjoy doing, and I kinda outsource the other stuff that I’m not so great at all. I’ll find somebody who has to be better than if I went 10 in this area and attendance area. Then I kinda joined. I joined.

[00:17:19] Venture or partner with those individuals, the way that we can be seen together. All

[00:17:23] Mike: nice. Great. So what do you do in your own life for to get better? We all want to strive to try and get better education, learning more. What types of things do you seek out in your own life to help you improve?

[00:17:38]Personally, as well as professionally.

[00:17:41]Corneilous: I think one of our biggest assets is ourself. So I’m always, so I think with that said you best in three things, you’ve S and M your mindset, my skill set, and also my networks, like I said so I’m not afraid to pay for my friends at saying, like I paid in some certain networks, are most of mine so far, connect with.

[00:17:58] Cause, cause he knows that’s when you connect with it, St. Lang like same like minded people, I’m constantly trying to learn different things on my weaknesses are things that I enjoy learning. For example I was doing a dual lingo because I see John learn Spanish, more Spanish on my Duo lingo.

[00:18:12]Get more on that. I took him to school, but now I’m doing that. I’m also taking constantly and even in the car, I got a pass on or audio book on and listen to everybody else. And also when I meet people, I was asked like, what books are you reading? What thing are you listened to? And really because I think that we are syndication of just aggregate of information, right?

[00:18:30] If mentioned it’s free. So we call to learn new things inspired by new things. Then we just share with other people. And, think it’s easy to say to the best, the more people you help them the better you help yourself, but it’s so you get faced and you share it. You learn more by sharing.

[00:18:42] I’m calling, trying to come and try and share information. Cause I learn more by sharing in that way that it builds more bonds as well. And I be my network as well.  I’m constantly learning different things, just and just by asking questions and understanding that a lot that I not, there’s a lot things out there that I don’t know that I don’t know.

[00:19:00]And being in it really taking life as a constant learning environment like  this is a school, if you said earlier about a lot of things happened in my past and I didn’t for a long time, I seen the ass, that’s just great training. Where do you live training?

[00:19:14] Like what, wait, no, you experienced this so what as you understand in your past the things you did in the past, Prepare you for the things you got right in the future and your present. If I didn’t went through that, I wouldn’t be prepared for this right here. So go ahead.

[00:19:27]Mike: It’s really cool, right? Is your past is different than mine. My past is different from yours and we can come to a level place and we can learn from each other. Exactly. So I can teach you some things. You can teach me some things. And I think when you have that open mind like that with people; it just helps you grow so much more.

[00:19:46] And I wish more people thought like that. Cause I think that, I think we probably run in a circle of people like that. But when you think back to, when I think back to the neighborhood I grew up in, or the neighborhood you grew up in, people don’t think like that. And I think when we come together; it makes us more powerful individually, as well as a group.

[00:20:06] So I didn’t mean to

[00:20:07] Corneilous: cut you off, but you just really inspiring good stuff,

[00:20:10] Mike: Ziglar too, by the way, people get what they want. You ultimately get what you want, but he had some great stuff to say over the years.

[00:20:18] Corneilous: And I think, Oh, you said earlier, but I think that is by conditioning, their habits.

[00:20:24]Because like I said, we have the carnal mind of doing protection flip, right? P people don’t do stuff. Or like you’re saying like, like sharing information, like saying the secrets of, your core intention and your core secret, so forth. Cause people so afraid of share information.

[00:20:37] They think that they’re going to lose, but the next alley night you may win. And I think that it’s because of we’re taught about. Protect, protect, right? Protect yourself are no one loves you more than yourself. And don’t really think that the ability of abundance and, like it’s like the greatest joy come after the greatest praise mama, when you fearful, right?

[00:20:54] It’s if you do something. You expand your comfort zone and that’s what you become. That’s how we grow. Cause in life is like we’re like plants either we’re dying or are we growing? So how do you grow every day?

[00:21:05]Mike: It’s like chaos. There’s a lot of growth. Any other side of chaos.

[00:21:08]So I learned that a long time ago, but so you bring, you segwayed into this next question, which is this show’s called insider secrets. Yes. Share one of your insider secrets that you would share with it, with an investor in the real estate space?

[00:21:24] Corneilous: I will say a lot of times people try to reinvent things.

[00:21:27]I will say I learned from Russell Brunson, great marketer. He said you pick your dream 100, but not only your customer, but also pick the people who are actually doing it right now. And just model what they’re doing, not copy, but just model what they’re doing and you figure out how to fix it.

[00:21:39] Because for example, even the show, right? Some people may follow; you are going to connect with you. And some people may connect with me, not saying that it’s like going to school, you can have air can have the same math class, same. However, some people like certain teachers better. And because love you connect with certain people.

[00:21:54] So it’s not anything against them, nothing against you, but however you connect people have their own purpose in the side. So I say don’t be afraid to be yourself and don’t just model what they’re doing, but how to put your own flavor to it. It’s put your own flare to it. How do you receive it?

[00:22:09] And how you take it or what are they doing? Cause if we’re for them, its chances are, it may work for you as well. So also lapping try to be unique. I recreate the wheel. That’s fine, but as a time and place for that to make you different, but you are the core of making you different, right?

[00:22:22] No, there’s no other Mick out there like you, no matter what you try. So this is the issue. So you can model. You can model all the gurus out there and so forth. But when you do it, your style, it’s your style regardless. Cause why no one taught what have your charisma and what have your stories.

[00:22:35] No one have your background that you can add to it because you are you regardless. And I think that, I think so many people, I think some people are because we’re taught growing up in school to not. It definitely helped. That’s cheating right in school. But as you know that when you get it in the business world, do you have to ask for help?

[00:22:52]It’s if you try to raise, you try to raise some money without, by yourself. Like you’re not getting too far. Are you trying to build business by yourself? You’re not getting too far. So it means so in like real estate, it’s no, one’s an Island. You connect to a realtor connect with contractors, you connected with attorneys.

[00:23:04] So you have to ask for help and you have to be open. So willing and are afraid to ask for help because people really want to help you. Cause, cause they know that helping you will help them as well. So I think that was one of my secret is don’t be afraid to model other people. Don’t be afraid to look

[00:23:17] Mike: out there. The contradiction though. And you’re talking about it, we’re taught one thing in school, but then we get in the business world and it’s totally different, hey so what do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got into the real estate investing space?

[00:23:31] Corneilous: I think that what you said earlier about just while saying earlier about that. That there’s people out there in their circles out there. Who’s not it’s about, cause one of the things people get involved with, it’s not having money. There was a big thing about me, I was afraid to do bigger deals.

[00:23:47] I were afraid, Oh, I went all to the demo. No cash, no credit deals. No, that was my style. You know that I was all about that because of at a time I had no cash, no credit. And I was like, hey, let’s meet, fit me perfectly. But understanding that you can bring value in so many other ways in the, that then they might money.

[00:24:04]Because so some people don’t know how to time. Somebody, I don’t have the energy. Some people like for example like even like when wholesaling so forth, people don’t have the energy or time to go out and find properties. People don’t want to like me. I have a degree in computer engineering; people don’t care about doing social media our computers computer stuff.

[00:24:20]I have our stories can bring so much value. In that in a deal.  So your value is not always tied to money.  And that was a big thing in my life that I kept trying to say, Oh, my net worth on my credit. Wasn’t all this. But I realized that as I got more and more in these circles wow, y’all paying people with that.

[00:24:38] I can do that for you. Y’all pay me. I can do that for you as well. And realize that my value came in by other means. And I think that’s where. That I said earlier to understand that you are valued, you have value, you are valuable, right? So it’s like finding your value and actually promoting that more.

[00:24:55] And I think that’s one of the things that I didn’t focus on the beginning I was trying to, I was trying to be somebody else who I wasn’t because of that’s their path and. And that’s where you think that, Oh, my I’m different than them. Yes, you are different, but that’s a good thing. You’re different.

[00:25:09] It’s not a bad thing that you’re different. That’s because I, if you was them, you’ll be just a cheap copycat, but the fact that it is like you better have, you’ll be, you better be in yourself. And that’s what I had to fear. That’s why I had to get over. You’re saying that I can do, I can be here and be an add value by being me.

[00:25:29] I’m valuable enough. I have value my stories, my time, the things I’ve been through my experience, no one had that and I can bring that value

[00:25:35] Mike: there. And it sounds to me like, like you’re the one that knows internally yourself that you have value and that it really doesn’t matter. What other people around you might say.

[00:25:48] Either positive or negative, which has really, where we should be right is, and that’s why I try to teach my kids is, Hey, it really don’t be a bully and don’t put other people down, but don’t care what they say either.  When I grew up it was sticks and stones.

[00:26:02] Won’t break your bones. Yeah, or sticks and stones break your bones, but names will never hurt you. And, it was just, it’s interesting how that is really, like today it’s you can’t care about what other people think positively or negatively. You have to be who you are and move forward.

[00:26:18] And you’ve really proven that. And I think that’s awesome. So what types of things as an entrepreneur do you do to build your own personal brand around your own business? In that.

[00:26:28] Corneilous: I think I think that what I’m working, it’s funny because I’m working on it now about being less of a personal brand and being more of a marketer like I’ll have a purpose driven content, like for example like for example, I’m doing apartment business secrets out there on my thing, but that is to that the of day is a crate.

[00:26:47] To create the ideal by investing in order for you to get to my apartment society. So it’s more purpose driven, not just cause a lot of clarity right now. Right now. It’s so easy to put out constant. Everybody say public political complied content, but the question there has been a purposeful, Oh, the reason for your content or if not, it’s just noise you’re making.

[00:27:05] So it’s making, making noise. How do you make noise in a crowded parade? You have to make your flow work for you. And I think that that’s what I’m doing now is it’s being more purpose driven to understand I’m doing this because of this. I’m doing this because of this.

[00:27:22] So the cause and effect. Correct. So a lot of times people just try to make noise. And I think that that’s fine. That’s fine. When you’re trying to find your voice it’s you’re trying to find your, you’re trying to find the thing that you enjoy. It’s kinda like dating in order to find a good woman.

[00:27:37] You gotta do some bad women. And what do I appreciate really good, man. You gotta do some bad men. So cause if you don’t do you don’t deal with that. You don’t know. It’s like my son, he he’s three he’s four now. And he like a state corner store because his mom was pregnant.

[00:27:49] We ain’t number state like Brazilian restaurants number staying so far. So now he’s four years old. He’s like a state sore. If it’ll stay, gets nasty, he’ll. Like he knows good quality steak and big because we, because of, we gave him cause we had a good steak, so now he no bad state.

[00:28:04] And now he knows that he like, restaurants he liked and so forth. I think that sometimes that as a brand, you got to know yourself by trying different things and say, okay, I’m not, that’s not me. That’s not me. That’s not me. Then we start with, you got to start fine tuning. And you’re doing this because you find your voice and who you are and it takes you by just start talking more and being more, make a motion.

[00:28:27] Mike: Yeah. Good for you. So what advice would you give a new investor today?

[00:28:31] Corneilous: I’m a new best of day. I will say. I would say look around, I would say look around, like I say look around and start moving somewhere. Look around and create your dream 100 crazy. The idea of where people at things that you do think that you might like and understand that it’s out there, people out there willing to help you, right?

[00:28:47] The path is already path has already are done, right? We’re doing stuff that are been done before. It just, that would do it a different way. Yeah. So so-so look at people what it looks like. It’s like people saying online marketing, it’s not online marketing. It’s just; it’s still marketing, just marketing online, right?

[00:29:01] Like a new platform, still, same Plex. It’s still the same thing, but you’re doing it on a different platform. So I say, look at more trends. A post-it. Look at more organic things it’s happened on a steady basis, a posted a hot was new because of those things, those are trends. They’ll go up and down, right?

[00:29:17]Beanie babies, they go, it came, they came and they left right. The spinners, they came and they left. So it’s so it’s, if you want to build a long-term brand it’s more those, but also look at the people who’ve been around for a while and modeled them, but haven’t, but then make it your own.

[00:29:30] It’s okay, this is making my own. Good.

[00:29:33]Mike: Thank you. Hey, this has been great. I want to kinda segue into a little bit of lighter side right now. When you started to talk about it by your son, eating steak, enlightened steak. Tell him, tell us what your favorite restaurant is.

[00:29:46] Corneilous: Right now, my third restaurant is actually my restaurant is actually displaced in.

[00:29:51] And it’s actually, it actually is. It’s not really a restaurant. It’s actually a gas station. It’s a gas station to actually serve being yeas uncle. I went to school in new Orleans. I went to school in Orleans before Katrina and after Katrina is even diversity. And one of the things about new Orleans, I love because it’s the culture there and their food.

[00:30:07] They love, you love the food and the culture. So it was hard to find some good being gaze, if you will. I remember my wife we wouldn’t like, we always Google BHP near me and looking at places in our areas to find, but like we found this place, the gas station coming up from Louisiana, going to Texas.

[00:30:23] And we plan to go it’s like a four hour drive from my house right now. So we go, we went one time and like we dream about all the time. So right now it’s my favorite restaurant because of, good food.  It brings them out of you. It’s like nothing like a good meal.

[00:30:36] You, you like create all sensors. You had your eyes, your smell, your touch, your tastes, and you’re bringing a different place. So it’s, I think it’s called French market as French market in Nacadocious in the Texas Nacadocious Louisiana. Nacadocious so that’s my worst. And besides that it was not that here it’s because they Brazil, because we got the state walking around with a stake test, the de Brazil, as we love here,

[00:31:00]Mike: The last couple of people I’ve had on my show have mentioned that restaurant and the other one is a folk who do chow where they walk around and they cut the meat off.

[00:31:09] It’s interesting.

[00:31:12] Corneilous: Yeah, I’ve been, I haven’t been that one yet. I went to a couple of them because he wants to get its great quality. But it’s very quality. They some are a little overpriced. I think if you find a good one, cause it’s good food and good service

[00:31:27]Mike:  and it’s good protein.

[00:31:28] So if you work out right, Hey what’s the best book you’ve ever read.

[00:31:33] Corneilous: The best book I’ve ever read right now secrets.

[00:31:36] Mike: Ah, that was a great book. Russell Brunson. Yup.

[00:31:39] Corneilous: Yup. Yup. So I got all serious here. I got, I’ll sit right here on my desk. It’s a great book I got and also Kim Turner book.

[00:31:48] I got this on my desk as well. How to how to raise money legally? Yeah, I like that book. So yeah, I got a couple books. I got my go-to books and good old fashioned Bible, right? The Bible. The Bible is the best

[00:32:02] Mike: book ever written. Hey, Cornelius, I want to thank you for being on the show today. It’s been a pleasure.

[00:32:07]If people want to get ahold of you and they want to pick your brain a little bit, to get some inside information from you, how do they get in touch with you?

[00:32:14]Corneilous:  I’m gonna spend a lot of time on apartment Benson secrets dot com. So if you want to find me on follow our YouTube channel, you can find me there and make a message to me there.

[00:32:22] Or you can reach me at Cornelia that C O R N E I L O U And

[00:32:31] Mike: we’ll be you there. I will have your information in the show notes too. So again, I want to thank you for being here. Today’s, show’s been great. You wealth of information and wisdom. And that’s what I think we find over time being in the business as we develop this wisdom and this sense of spirit that, it.

[00:32:49] It can’t be matched by anybody else.  Appreciate you and who you are, and thanks for being here and thanks for everybody for listening in, please this show, go to Apple and like it, subscribe it, go to YouTube and our video show, make sure that you like it and subscribe to it and tell somebody about it and pass it on.

[00:33:08] And we’ll be here every Tuesday at two o’clock Cornelius, we’ll talk to you soon and see everybody next Tuesday.

[00:33:16] Corneilous: I’ll say thank you again.

[00:33:19]Kristen:  Thank you, Mike, and thank you for joining us for another great episode of insider secrets as always insider secrets is brought to you by my corn tensions. Join us on social media and visit my core where you can get expert coaching on all things, multifamily investing in property management.

[00:33:37] We’re looking forward to having you back again next week for more insider secrets.