Escape the “Rat Race” – Play CashFlow! I am thoroughly excited to bring this game to you. Play the game on your own terms. Sell. Reinvest. Hold onto your investment. Do it all, it’s risk-free!

Earlier I posted on reasons you should consider playing this game. Let’s go over a few of those. First, there is no risk to play CashFlow. What do I mean by that, well let’s start with the fact that we are playing with fake money. If you lose all your investments or whether you’re the biggest winner, it doesn’t matter. We are playing to learn to invest and to have fun. Secondly, whenever we don’t know how to play our next move, we can easily watch how others play. Every player will have some insight as to their next move, however, it is not until we strategize and observe that we can truly WIN.

People learn from people. Remember that!

Cashflow is based on real life investments, investors and scenarios. No experienced necessary!

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