Exit Plan

No, it’s not an escape plan, it’s a strategic exit plan from your investment property.

“Why do I need an exit plan, and even if I did, why now?”

Excellent question. The insider secret to multi-family investing and acquisitions is to have your exit plan in place before you buy, That’s right – BEFORE YOU BUY!!!  Wow, that’s some interesting exit plan strategy.

“Hold on. Before I buy? OK, so you tell me I need an exit plan, so I just decided my exit plan is to sell it down the road when it’s worth more. Creative, right?”

Wait a minute, that’s not an exit plan. That’s a lack of a plan and wishful thinking. Sadly that’s how many investors operate. Take a minute and read Mike Morawski’s awesome ebook, aptly named Exit Plan and you’ll see what I mean. 

If you really wish, you can also buy Mike’s book on Amazon:  https://amazon.com/Exit-Plan-Michael-Morawski/dp/1952471206 or you can watch the video and learn how to download it right now for free.