Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Happy Halloween

Mike [00:00:01] Hey, it’s Mike with my core intentions. How are you today? So, I was thinking today, what’s the scariest Halloween story that you have? You know, it’s fall time. It’s Halloween this week. And what has been the scariest story? I bet we all have a few. And I want you to think about yours, because I’m going to ask you to share those to go to my blog, actually, and write some in there. But it’s like the time that I walked into a vacant foreclosure to look at the property and there’s a family living in there. Homeless had no idea why they were there. Scared the heck out of me, scared the heck out of the people I was with. But what we wound up doing was finding them a place to go and got them out of a fearful situation, too. So. But I bet we all have a brunch of those like crazy tenants. Tenants that don’t pay their rent, not being able to get a place rented. All the things that can go wrong. All the unforeseen things that can be scary, right. Not only at Halloween, but at other times throughout the out the year.

[00:00:57] But one of the scariest things is trying to do it all by yourself and do it all alone. Here’s what I’ve learned over the years, is that when you have a trusted advisor, a mentor, a coach, somebody who can help you through the whole process. It makes things that much easier. Then you don’t have to be scared. You don’t have to lose sleep. And you don’t have to lose valuable time away from things that are most important or truly important in your life. You know, if you are thinking about getting a coach or you’ve ever thought about it or the thought has crossed your mind. I wish I had somebody else that could help me through this or teach me or guide me. Then you know what? You need to go schedule a coaching call. Let’s see if coaching is right for you. Go to my Web site. My core intentions and schedule a free coaching call. Let’s spend some time. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Right. Is you can walk away with a couple of new pieces of information that’ll help your real estate business and help you to grow. See, coaching is more about growing personally and who you become along the way than it is about growing professionally.

[00:02:03] Although they both happen, but the one happens before the other. And that’s what coaching is about. So, this isn’t about somebody telling you to do something. It’s about you self-discovering in yourself what you already know and having somebody help guide you there to pull it out so you get there easier. But if you schedule that free call, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Coaching’s not right for you, but you walk away with a couple of good ideas. Otherwise, maybe it is right for you and maybe it’s something you can take advantage of, but don’t get spooked. This Halloween season, don’t get spooked any time throughout the year. Get a mentor. Get somebody who’s been there, had the experience and has the knowledge and wisdom to help your knowledge grow so that you can be powerful in your execution. I look forward to seeing each of you soon. If you have any questions, give me a call and don’t ever hesitate to send me an email. Thanks, and have a great day.