Working from home during the pandemic has led to change and sacrifice. Space is at a premium in our homes and apartments now more than ever as we accommodate new home offices, workspaces, and schooling spaces. Dining room tables are now cluttered with monitors and cables, basements have become prime real estate, and even bedrooms now have desks and workstations. Work and school clutter are wreaking havoc in our personal spaces and only adding to the anxiety of the pandemic.

While many companies are in the midst of planning for their “opening up” strategies, it is clear that office density will not return to pre-COVID numbers. Many companies are considering continued work-from-home policies for their employees after the country “opens up.” The future corporate office may look like more of a homeroom—a place where employees come together occasionally for short and socially distanced collaborations and important decision-making meetings. This means home officing is here to stay.

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