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Hi, I am Mike Morawski operating principal of My Core Intentions. MCI is a foundational training organization that practices core principles of real estate investing specifically in multi-Family apartment complexes. 

Our Mission is to help our partner investors build legacies create multi-generational wealth and achieve financial freedom. We curate passive hands-off investment opportunities in mid and large size multi-family apartment complexes.  

The multi-family investing space has seen massive growth in the past few years and has no signs of slowing down soon.


 This rage in apartment investing started shortly after the 2008 world economic crisis. As large institutional buyers and hedge funds began buying up residential housing stock at pennies on the dollar, in most major US cities. Creating a housing shortage affecting many American households. Increasing demand for residential products causing real estate prices to skyrocket. Just to name a couple of reasons why the apartment rental business began to pick up steam.  

For many years these quality investment grade apartment assets were only offered to institutional investors, like insurance companies and hedge funds. However, in more recent years that has changed. These recent economic changes have birthed entirely new opportunities for all investors.

As a result, our team has built a model that D centralizes the process, to acquire these assets and operating them for individuals who want to be invested in real estate but do not have the time or experience.

These assets offer many benefits for the passive investor. Strong performing assets will see high cash flow leading to longer term wealth. Providing the ability to create generational wealth just as many of the wealthy in the world have done. Another major benefit is depreciation and the ability to reduce ones W-2 income.

Often these properties most of which have been owned by Mom-and-Pop operators have tremendous opportunities to improve profitability through physical upgrades, operational improvements, and the addition of popular amenities. These physical and operational upgrades lead to an increase in operating income and increased value.   

Our management company focuses on D centralizing marketing bookkeeping, and organizational leadership for each property, increasing income and reducing expenses by economies of scale. Further, we implement technology solutions to maximize revenue and strive for quality services in all our properties. Our efforts are focused on improving services and amenities which attract a higher quality tenant.

Our team of acquisition specialists focused on finding off market properties using our own proprietary channels, while keeping our finger on the pulse of the market and getting in front of marketed opportunities before the rest of the competition is aware of these assets by the result of our relationships with top producing brokers. Committed to bringing you our investment partner the most profitable hands-off investment opportunities. 

Our team is committed to bring you offerings to fit your desires and risk profile, educate you on the business plan and help you reserve a spot in these exclusive investments.

If you are interested in taking advantage of any multi-family investments, that have the potential to offer projected returns of 13% -18% IRR including cash on cash returns annually along the way of 6%-8% as well as the preservation of your capital investment, then reach out to me today.  Schedule a meeting to talk about your needs and goals for today and your future.