I’m Mike Moraski with My Core Intentions and coming up October 14th, 15th and 16th is my three-day multifamily deep-dive workshop.

I’m going to teach you all the systems and strategies you need to go out and build your multifamily business. We’re going to talk about how to source deals, how to find the best ones. We’re going to talk about how to look at the market, the deal, the sub-market before you ever even buy it. What makes sense about population growth, job growth, household income. How did demographics and crime rate play into this? I want you to know those, more importantly, I want you to become a rockstar.

Underwriting is a key principle in the multifamily, commercial, or real estate investing space. When I got in the business, I did not have any special tool. I didn’t have a robust spreadsheet. What I had was a notepad and a pencil and a calculator. What I did was I learned to underwrite by hand.

That’s what I’m going to do for you is I’m going to teach you how to underwrite by hand. Then give you the tool that we’ve built over time to help you underwrite with confidence. I want you to be able to put a stress test on any property you’re going to buy and know that this is a property you can walk away from with confidence and say, I’m going to buy it, or I’m not going to buy it.
Now, this three-day event is going to also give you some experience from other people who have experienced some growth and knowledge in the multi-family space. We’re going to talk about language, structure, and strategic alliances.

I’m going to show you how I bought a property, a multi-million dollar apartment complex, with no money out of my pocket and how you’ll be able to walk away from this event and experience those same types of results. We’re going to talk about the mindset that will help you build this business.

So I want you to join me as my guest at the multi-family deep dive workshop. It’s the “Sky Rocket Your Cashflow to Wealth” three day event, October 14th, 15th and 16th at the Schomburg Marriott. It’s going to be live. You’re going to have that opportunity to network with people, build some strategic alliances.
Here’s what I want you to know. If you can’t make it to the event, if you can’t fly in, if you don’t want to come out yet because of the pandemic, then you know what, you’re going to be able to watch it online. We’re going to live stream it for you. You’re going to get all the same content, all the same interaction, right at the comfort of your office or your home.

One more gift. If you can’t attend the whole event, we’re going to record it and you’ll get a copy of the recording. So click the link below, get registered. If you’re coming to the event, save your seat right now. If you are going to watch it live, make sure we get the link out to you in time.

You’re going to want to be set up for this. I look forward to seeing you October 14th, 15th, and 16th at Skyrocket Your Cashflow to Wealth.