According to Forbes, businesses that keep marketing humming along and and healthy during a crisis or recession typically come out on top. Leaders should look to their marketing team, especially in times like these, to stabilize the business and reduce risk. While you keep a strong commitment to marketing and executing on a plan, now is the time to shift priorities to help you locate source and secure properties during these tough times.

Over the next few days I will share 5 processed to keep your business humming.

#1 Take care of your current customers.

With their health and livelihood at risk, many of your renters are uncertain of what’s to come. This inconvenience of being kept at home coupled with perceived panic being felt throughout the country means that your renters will have many questions in the coming weeks. Relieve some worry by assuring them that you will communicate any policy changes or updates. Be sure you are equipped to provide empathy and answer questions that arise. Ongoing check-ins with staff and tenants to evaluate their well-being and to discuss any updates are crucial for supporting your community.