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If you’re wondering how to grow your financial IQ, and your portfolio, you are not alone! This is a question that I’m asked often. How do you learn more about becoming financially wealthy?

Gary Keller in his book “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” make the quote, “Financial wealth is the unearned income to live your life’s mission.”

Wealth is not something that you have; it’s something that you are. It is a state of mind, a state of being. You become it over time when you make the mental shift to think like the wealthy think. 

You have to make the change in your thinking by looking at the world and your life like the wealthy look at the world. The more you grow in a wealthy mindset the more you will become wealthy. Earl Nightingale has said you are what you think about. 
It starts with acceptance.

Acceptance of where you are and what you have. The belief of knowing that everything is perfect just as it is. Once you are okay with the way things are and what you have, you open yourself up to adding more. Wealth is so much more than the financial accumulation of money and stuff. 

Next it begins with Being

Think about what you want to accomplish? Where do you want to be spiritually and physically? How much real estate you want to own? How much money do you want to earn passively? Don’t be afraid of setting too high of goals. Once you do just be. 

Visualize yourself there and having achieved all you set out to. Feel what it would be like to be and live in it. In the flow of all you desire. Smell it, touch it and experience it, in your being. 


Spend time with people who think wealthy versus not wealthy, they use different terms. Wealthy people use terms such as I am, I will, I have. They use financial terms such as, internal rate of return, cash-on-cash return, annuity, cashflow, passive income and financial planning. They think about tax planning and strategy.

It has been said to look at the five people closest to you. That is where you will be in five years from now. Do you like what you see? If not, change the people you associate with.

If you’re not around wealthy people, you’re probable say things like I’m not, I don’t have, I’ll never have, I didn’t come from money. It’s easy to think from a place of scarcity. 

What were the words you heard growing up? Money doesn’t grow on trees and money is the root of all evil. The problem with that thinking, is the bible verse that mentions this says the love of money is the root of all evil. 

Stop! This thinking now and change what you are saying to yourself. It is important that you change your mindset when it comes to money. Learn to come from a place of abundance not scarcity. 

If you want to learn some wealth affirmations, download my 2023 goal setting and planning guide it is filled with positive affirmations to start changing your mindset today.


Go get it. Take the necessary action to achieve your desires. Make the necessary changes in your life to make a difference in your wealth. Be in the flow. Create a wealth mindset today. Change your thinking, change the people you are around, get the knowledge you need and take action on your financial investing today. If you like to book an appointment with me and talk about mindset and performance coaching use this link.