Earlier today we talked about motivation to succeed and having the desire to continue to search for the “why?” in our real estate ventures. Sometimes, the mission is simple; we want success. Often times, that is not enough. For me, the process became something like a right of passage from single-family units to multi-family units. I wanted to be successful and I wanted to achieve this now.

I quickly realized that my knowledge was limited, to what I thought was the complete whole, was in reality simply a glimpse. Of course, I had an idea that things were bound to be a little different, I mean, how much could real estate vary between property style? I was not ready for the answer at the time.

I was hooked on real estate and I needed knowledge. I sought out training from those who had accomplished what I was trying to achieve. And while many people might think that mentorships or coaching is unnecessary, turn to your role model and ask them if they have a coach. 99% of the time they will say YES! I learned that absolutely no one in the industry does it alone.

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