WHY CHOOSE REAL ESTATE? be your Own boss
Earning potential
real estate dynamic industry
Helping people
higher return of time invested

Real estate is one of those industries that’s always changing. For some people that might be a dealbreaker, some people search for consistency in the industry and in the markets. However, some of the reasons why people choose real estate as a career are also dealbreakers. Let’s go over a few of them.

Be your own boss

In real estate, you get to be your own boss. As an independent contractor, you get to pick your own hours and decide how to best manage your time; your personal and professional priorities. By being able to be your own boss you also get to decide how long you got to work on any given day, where you work, and you also have a direct impact on your success rate.

Potential to earn high wages

The potential to earn high wages in real estate is limited to how well you start and grow your business. As I’ve mentioned before it can be very lucrative, but not without a lot of hard work. But I will say this, I went into real estate for the right reasons, I wanted to help people I wanted to be the person who helps someone else achieve their goals. The mentality you bring into real estate sales directly impacts your potential to earn high wages.

Real estate is a dynamic industry

In 2020, we saw the markets fluctuate and our economy go through a recession. But real estate is still booming. Real estate is currently on a trend that’s adapting to the market and the economy but we are currently living in. Real estate can be done in an office setting, networking with friends, at a professional event, basically anywhere you want. You create the environment you want to work in.


Real estate is all about people. Real estate to me is a place where I get to share my expertise and knowledge and genuinely advise people on the market trends and put forth my best intentions. These are the moments that make us feel good about the work we do. Aside from all the positives I’ve listed above, we help people find their first home and make it the best experience possible.

Higher return of time invested

This last point, the higher return of time invested is a big one for me. Not only did I get to choose the industry I would make a career out of, but I chose my own schedule on a daily basis, scheduled my clients on my time (and theirs), and I chose if I dedicated myself part-time or full-time to my profession. The training, mentorship, and preparation it took to become a real estate agent was short, compared to other industries and honestly, it was a no-brainer to me. Don’t get me wrong, I struggled along the way. I looked for mentors and coaches along the way as a way to reach my goals sooner and smarter. I say “high return of time invested” because, in a very short time, you could be making very serious revenue. The amount of time you dedicate applied effectively can make you reach your milestones sooner than you expect.

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